10-30 mins flights
Coast flight
See Montserrat
1-5 persons

Barcelona Helicopter Rides

If you have been to Barcelona and you think you have seen it all, here is an activity that will give you a completely new perspective… Barcelona Helicopter Rides will take you down the beautiful Mediterranean coastline, right across the stylish metropolis itself and even up Montserrat Mountain! So have a look at the three different routes below and take your pick!

Scenic Coastal Flight

An exhilarating flight down the Mediterranean coast that will take your breath away rather than the funds in your bank account! You will fly over Barcelona Port, the Statue of Columbus, Barceloneta Beach, the Olympic Port, the Forum and the Besos River.

Barcelona HelicopterBarcelona HelicopterBarcelona Helicopter

Barcelona City Sights

An awe-inspiring and spectacular ride right over Barcelona itself. You will fly over the World Trade Centre, Barcelona’s beaches, the Agbar Tower, the Sagrada Familia Church, the Montjuïc Olympic Ring and for all you football lovers, F.C. Barcelona’s impressive stadium – El Nou Camp.

Barcelona HelicopterBarcelona HelicopterBarcelona Helicopter`

Visit Montserrat by Helicopter

A combination of the city flight and a truly memorable journey up to Montserrat, Catalonia’s most mysterious of mountains and home to a famous Benedictine monastery. This incredible experience lasts a full 25 minutes, so charge up your camera batteries, because you are going to need them!

Barcelona HelicopterBarcelona HelicopterBarcelona Helicopter

Barcelona Helicopter Tours – what else do I need to know?

  • Our helicopter has capacity for up to five persons.
  • You will be given a full safety briefing before take-off
  • Only one helicopter can fly over Barcelona at a time, so large groups will be divided up into several consecutive flights.
  • Our fastest helicopter can reach speeds of up to 285km/h
  • If you have a video camera, take it with you!