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Barcelona Flyboard –be that human dolphin!

Have you ever seen a dolphin on crack cocaine ?  Or wanted to be one ?  Maybe not, but it may be that no one has introduced you to flyboarding yet. If you thought the front crawl was difficult enough to master, in Barcelona flyboard is the activity that is taking the watersports world by storm. So much cooler than jet skiing, wakeboarding (so passé) and other watersports activities, this aquatic adrenalin activity will get you noticed (or mocked) along the beaches and shores of Barcelona.

flyboarding in barcelona for watersports aficionados Barcelona flyboard activity for stags and hensWith barcelona flyboard you dive around like a lunatic and show off

In case you are one of the many millions not yet in the know, a flyboard is basically of box of watersporting tricks that propels you under or above  the water.  It is your 20 minutes of dolphin glory.  If you are looking for a high impact activity (don’t worry… the impact is with the surface of the water) for a stag or hen do, or an adventure weekend with friends in Barcelona, Barcelona flyboard may well be the best for you.  This not for those who can’t put their heads under water,  but if you secretly think you personally should be able to fly several feet over the top of the sea, and if gravity just brings you down, well, this is the one for you, Neptune!

It was my first time flyboarding but I will definitely be doing more of this, it is a massive adrenalin rush, they attach you to the board, which has nozzles at your feet and your hands.  Most of the thrust comes from your feet. You can tilt the flyboard and steer with your feet, using your hands for stabiliity , it is a bit like skiing. Delighted I booked this with your,  I am a flyboarding aficionado now!  (Paolo from Rimini. Barcelona trip with friends, August 2014)

Barcelona Flyboard Facts: what’s included and times

  • Spring and summer activity, it can begin at almost any time of the day, we recommend early afternoon
  • Typically you’ll have one hour’s use of the flyboard for each 5 participants
  • Held at a watersports area near central Barcelona
  • Ask us if you want to include a guide and/or transport  we’ll give you a quote

 What exactly is Flyboarding  – apart from diving round like a lunatic?

Invented one South Cal morning by bored  jet-skiers breakfasting on crystal meth and absinthe, this is basically a pack you are attached to that is propelled by pumping out high power jets of water, attached to a jet ski (technically a PWC or Personal Water Crafty) by a sort of umbilical hose that prevents you ending up with your head stuck in the hull of the US Cole.

It’s all high power stuff involving “thousands” of gallons of water per minute, and you can jump up to 25 feet into the air (on a good day). The Pilot (that’s you) is  secured to the  flyboard (Wakeboard-style) and the thrust comes, not from behind, but below (how often have you heard that promise !).  All in all, an unmissable Barcelona watersports adventure!