Approx 15 mins
Great views
Group rates
Vertigo? Abstain!

Barcelona Parasailing –  with your feet firmly in the clouds…

Try Barcelona parasailing adventures that provide all equipment and safety features, and put a big exhilarated smile on your face. Soar 10 stories into the air in a parasailing parachute that has a harness and leaves you in a rather sedate semi-seated position. It’s all fairly civilised (to begin with). This one is our tip for a mind-blowing watersports activity that does not take too much adrenalin or courage! But not one for vertigo sufferers!

Barcelona parasailingBarcelona parasailingBarcelona parasailing

Beautiful views with Barcelona Parasailing!

Pretty soon the towing boat will accelerate out  into the cool blue Mediterranean (aiming for Sicily) – leaving you to, eh, ascend,  whether you like it or not. But we assure you,  you will. Once you get up there all your cares will be gone, and you’ll enjoy a view of some Barcelona mountain ranges you did not even know were there. In strict observance of the laws of  Newtonian physics, you will inevitably descend in due course, and end up back in the sea.  Not for the seriously hungover!

It’s quite insane how quickly you go up and up as the boat pulls you along but it’s all pretty natural as you soar above everything so not really scary, a real hit with the whole group though, an experience of a lifetime, we were glad we booked your Barcelona parasailing activity and would recommend it to all other groups… (Janice from Amsterdam, trip to Barcelona with a Dutch ladies’ football team, April 2015)

Barcelona Parasailing Facts: what’s included and timings

  • This activity is best carried out in spring or summer, as you’ll want to avoid any nasty winds or currents.
  • Timings: beginning times available all day on most days. Ask us if you have a preference but we recommend early afternoon.
  • Recommended flight duration is 10 – 15 minutes: longer trips are also available.
  • Where: available at several marinas and beaches near Barcelona city centre.
  • All safety equipment and expert advice will be supplied! You put in the huevos though!
  • Held at a watersports area near central Barcelona
  • Ask us if you want to include a guide and/or transport  we’ll give you a quote