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Barcelona Speedboat – Fancy a Spin?

When you are in Barcelona, you really must get out onto the Mediterranean Sea with a Barcelona Speedboat. But if a yacht cruise is a bit quiet for your stag or hen do, we have just the thing for you… Imported directly from New Zealand, our 450 brake horsepower speedboats will have you gasping for breath for a full 20 minutes. Our skilled professional drivers will do absolutely ridiculous things with these amazing speedboats.

So, fasten your seatbelts for the high-speed turns, 360-degree spins at full speed and sharp braking manoeuvres guaranteed to freshen you up with a bit of seawater spray!

Includes either a one hour hire of our speedboat per 6 persons or a public ride on the superfast monster speedboat!

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What type of motor boats or speedboats can I rent in Barcelona?

We can usually offer a range of craft from the comparatively humble (yet reliable) Zodiac dinghies with an outboard motor, through fashionable Yamaha waveboats, various types of motor and powerboats, to Sessnas and the like. We’ll send you a quote with photos, spec and some simple tips so you can make up your mind – you don’t have to be an engine head to make the right choice!

We had a Sessna 650, lots of power and we felt pretty cool out there in front of that massive hotel in Barcelona that looks like a Sail (“W hotel”). Brilliant afternoon and well worth the money….( Tom from London, who took 7 of his mates on a summer stag to Barcelona in 2014)

How can I rent a yacht, catamaran or larger boat for a bigger group?

No problem, we can help.  Contact us or check out our page on  public and private boat cruises  in Barcelona.

How can I book speedboats in Barcelona or find out more?