High adrenalin
30 mins
All equipment
Pro monitors

Wakeboard Barcelona –  get the adrenalin rush

Take your stag group to Barcelona Marina for a weekend Barcelona Wakeboard experience that will allow all of you to show off your studdish board prowess in front of a captive and gawping gallery of Catalan beach babes. Or that’s the theory anyway. In practice groups of mixed ability will find this more like a hybrid of skate- boarding through a deep puddle and break dancing.

Challenging yet highly rewarding it may boil down to a good old soaking in the Mediterranean. Either way, there is absolutely no chance of you still having a hangover after you take part in wakeboarding. We will make sure you get all of the instruction you need even for beginners to get the most from this high adrenalin activity.  The wakeboards and  all other equipment are of high quality with qualified instructors to make sure you don’t get dragged off to Menorca with your head under the water.

Barcelona Wakeboard rental and activityTry a Barcelona wakeboard excursion In Barcelona wakeboard is one of many water sports option

Pretty cool to see some of the group floundering head down in the surf, that just about fit the bill, the stag was well pleased as this was a surprise for him we had told him we were going to play darts….didn’t know water sports or wakeboarding in Barcelona could be this easy…. (Lee, 16 person Barcelona Stag weekend in August 2015)

Barcelona wakeboard: what’s included, schedule, and extras

  • April to October (when it might just be getting a  bit chilly)
  • You have 30 minutes per 2 people
  • The instructors will go over safety and techniques, you do not need previous experience to participate. You’ll have a safety briefing from trained and professional monitors as well as receiving all safety equipment.
  • Most participants rent board and equipment for 30 mins per person. Total time  of the activity depends on which option you book and how long each of you wants to wakeboard.
  • Held at a watersports marina near central Barcelona, or near one of beaches near Barcelona
  • Ask us if you want to include a guide and/or transport, and we’ll give you a quote

More about Barcelona wakeboard activities for groups

Originally baptized as skurfing by its psychologically hiperactive antipodean inventors,  wakeboarding is to water skiing as snowboarding is to skiing:  much hipper, basically, somewhat unfathomable, and always on weird tv channels you never watch.   You’ll be towed in the wake (geddit?) of a motor boat at a speed of about 20 miles per hour.  You will flit deftly in and out of the wake, performing back-flips and a series of hair-raising and breath-taking moves, reminiscent of a skateboarder well at home on his pipe.  Well, that’s the theory.

The good news is that beginners can get the hang of this in the placid waters on Barcelona marina first (waves are not recommended) and enjoy their first day wakeboarding immediately.  The boards used are highly buoyant, with foam inside and provide considerable stability.  The not-so-good news is that the sport is inundated with “in” terminology that you may find a tad confusing, so it possibly is not true to say that in no time you’ll be performing  the Blind Judge, or getting full pop on a 911 (or a Batwing – for the traditionalist…). A Tantrum may just be on the cards, definitely if you’ve achieved a Moby Dick…. Oh, and while wakeboarding, take great care with that G-Spot !