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Jet Ski and watersports in Ibiza – Enjoy the refreshing adrenalin!

Exciting watersports in Ibiza will definitely wake you up. No matter if you are on a stag or hen do, an incentive trip or a vacation with your friends. Watersports in Ibiza are a must! We offer different water activities in Ibiza – below you can see some of the most popular watersports in Ibiza. Tell us which one you would like and how long each of you wants to go, and we will offer you a package.

watersports in ibizawatersports in ibizawatersports in ibiza

We will make sure you get all the equipment, safety instructions and monitors necessary for an unforgettable experience with watersports in Ibiza. Our monitors and guides will make sure to show you how it’s done. Especially for the crazy flyboard you will grateful for some guidance. Our Jet Ski Ibiza for example is a great method to wake up, even after a wild night out – that we can organize you as well!

Watersports in Ibiza – Enjoy the Mediterranean summer breeze with Jet Skis!

You wan to be the one driving yourself? Then Jet Ski is a great activity to do in Ibiza. You don’t need a license, just hop on and enjoy the ocean wind and forget about the cities. You can decide if you want to go 20 minutes, half an hour, or take longer tours. But beware – it is more exhausting than it looks! If you have enough of being in control, switch places with your friend and let him drive – this way you get the chance to enjoy the beautiful view of the mesmerizing Ibiza and the beautiful Mediterranean coast of one of the most enchanting islands of the world.

watersports in ibizaBanana Boat Ibiza

You might think that this bright yellow thing is for children – but beware! You will be pulled over the sea by a speed boat and it doesn’t drive in a straight line! Hold tight with your legs and enjoy the view – if you are not laughing and screaming. Falling down is most definitely allowed. A great activity for a quick adrenalin rush and a lot of laughter. After a while of relaxing on the beach you will be happy about this activity, wake up and cool off in the water!

Flyboard Ibiza

Ever seen a flying Whale? No? Because with a Flyboard you become one yourself! Lift off and fly over the sea – only to let yourself fall back down with a big splash. The Jet Engines will carry you pretty high up and you will feel as if you were flying. A special activity for a special vacation. This requires some concentration and some practice – the reward feels amazing! Feel like James Bond and try out your new equipment!

Ibiza Watersports5Watersports in Ibiza – What’s included?

  • We provide you with all the necessary equipment.
  • Monitors will make sure to give you instructions.
  • If you are further away from Playa d’en Bossa we can organize you transfers.
  • In case of bad weather we can offer you alternative activities, although that rarely happens in Ibiza.

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