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Ibiza Limo Hire – Airport Transfers and City Tours

Your are planning a stag or a hen do in Spain and want to add some class to your stay in Ibiza? You are planning a birthday surprise? Hire an Ibiza limo with your own chauffeur! Our services include Ibiza airport transfers, sightseeing in Ibiza and tours through the hot Ibiza nightlife.


Ibiza Limo Hire for airport transfers

Ibiza Limo Lincoln

To make everybody feel special and to create a unique reception we recommend to book our Ibiza limo for an airport transfer. You personal chauffeur will pick you up with a personalised sign. Don’t tell the others, this way they will be positively surprised! Forget the boring minibus, start you weekend in Ibiza with style! Plunder the minibar and get a little buzz on to get right into the Ibiza feeling.

Ibiza Limo Hire for Sightseeing Tours

Especially after a hot night out it will be difficult to get up and walk around the town to do some sightseeing in Ibiza City. User our Ibiza limo hire for your sightseeing tour. This way you can relax, wake up and get to know the area with out stressing yourselves out and running around. Get to know beautiful Ibiza with some luxury!

Ibiza limo hireIbiza Limo HireIbiza stag limo

Discover Ibiza nightlife with our Ibiza limo hire

You want to start your night with some glamour and arrive in style? Get to know the Ibiza nightlife and get dropped of at your favourite bar or club. Our favourite: Pacha Ibiza! Instead of squeezing into some taxis, hire an Ibiza limo where you all fit in. Enjoy some champagne on the way to get into the right mood and start the party right away.

What else do I need to know about Ibiza limo hire?

  • The cost depends on the model of the limo and the time you want to book it. A 2 hour tour through the nightlife is of course more expensive then a quick transfer.
  • For airport transfer our limo has room for 7 people – be careful if you have big luggage, as limousine do not have a trunk. Let us know about what capacities you need.
  • Our chauffeur will track your flights in order to assure the pick up at the airport. In case the flight is delayed several hours, you might have to pay some extra for the waiting time your chauffeur.

How can I book and find out more about our Ibiza Limo Hire?