2 h Shoot
Professional photographer
Posed and action shots

Ibiza Photo Shoot

3…2…1…and jump for your Ibiza photo shoot … Ahh the classic freeze frame jump photo, just one idea of what you can pull out of the bag.  How about a Charlie’s Angels pose or Rush Hour or maybe just a regular ‘pro m’ photo, all in a line. Well, the good thing is you can try them all and then some! You will have a professional photographer take photos of your group for a whole 2 hours taking around 70-80 photos.

Try to look natural – you are going to be shot…

Ibiza photo shootYour own photo shoot of your barcelona triphen party photo shoot in ibiza

No more waiting around to ask someone to take a photo of your whole group only to thank them and wave goodbye then discover you have a picture of someone’s finger tip over the lens… We’re talking professional here! Our photographer knows Ibiza and knows how to get everyone looking their best.

At the end of it you’ll be handed 70 to 80 pictures to look after, carefully, for the remainder of the holiday… kidding! I’m not even sure where you can buy disposable cameras anymore. You can download the photos once you are back from your holiday. See… nothing to worry about!

Now, we get with the Ibiza photo shoot you will want some pics looking nice, on a scenic landscape, together as a group…

but can you keep that up for 2 hours?! The real great pics are the ones you don’t even know are being taken. And what better way to enforce this than doing some of our most popular activities in Ibiza.

Take Cocktail Masterclass for example. A great opportunity to show case the artist in you… or the complete opposite (we’re rooting for you). Or if you want some hilarious photos; why not on a Hen Fiesta. That’s where you will capture some real action! With dinner, strippers and lots of booze, you can’t go wrong… can you? Or for some real, elegant snaps: Flamenco Class.

What any self-respecting Islander does after and Ibiza Photo Shoot…

So, the photographer has said his goodbyes and your Ibiza Photo Shoot is over. Don’t let the glam go away! You’re in Ibiza after all… keep the glam levels high and let us arrange VIP Club Entry with a table and bottles of Grey Goose! Where can you go wrong? And the day after, when you’re all papp’d out and feeling a little worse for wear. Why not top it all off with a Spa day! Now that’s a way to spend your time away.

Typical Schedule

  • Completely down to you.. the photos will take place around Ibiza for 120 minutes

What is included

  • Professional photographer
  • Link to download all media once you are home

What else you need to know

  • The photographer is there to help! If you want particular shots (not spirits) then let them know and they will try to accommodate.
  • It’s not every day you’re followed by a professional photographer! Own the camera!