90 mins class
Private studio
Pro dance teacher
"Tablao" option

Ibiza Flamenco Class

Flamenco dancing… A must on the list of things to do in Ibiza ! Ever heard of the woman who was sad because she could Flamenco? Neither have we! And that’s no coincidence either.  Enjoy a full 90 minutes learning the art of the dance and you won’t look back. Of course, a quick glass of wine is available beforehand to get you in the spirit and learning the basics.

The aim? To appreciate the art of the ancient dance and its elegance, not to mention the laughs that come with it.  Your Flamenco instructor will teach you everything from hand & arm movements to hip swings and heel tapping. Sounds good already, right? Right! Oh and don’t worry about surfing the web for Flamenco gear… we got your back.

Bring a camera…but careful with your tripod…

Seville Flamencothings to do in IbizaSeville Flamenco GIRLS

There is just one thing, remember to bring a camera… you get the dance moves right and you’ll have a great profile picture or 2 by the end of the class. If Flamenco Class hasn’t topped your list of things to do in Ibiza yet then it sure will after this…

“Not only are you going to be ‘cutting some serious rug’ after the class but you’ll be basking in the passionate ambience before the night to come! And when is that ever a bad thing ? “

Things to do in Ibiza

So… now that the Flamenco Class on our things to do in Ibiza list has made it to the top of your things to do in Ibiza list I guess we can say the things to do in Ibiza list is off to a great start! Aaaand breathe!  But wait! You didn’t think we’d let you go running in their without a few helpful tips first… did you?

What do we do after? Here’s the best thing, you are in Ibiza! I know right… pinch me! After you’re all Flamenco’ed out, you have a wide range of restaurants, bars or clubs available to you and you guessed it… that’s where we come in! If you aren’t sure about what you want to do afterwards speak to us and we can organise the night ahead.

That means, no chopping and changing between which bars or clubs everyone wants to go to! Which, in turn, means you get on to a dance-floor a whole lot quicker and dance a whole lot better! (Because of the Flamenco class you just had)

Typical Schedule

  • 15:45: Meet at the Dance School
  • 16:00: Let me Flamenco commence! – At your own pace!
  • 18:00: School is out! You can return to the hotel or have a drink or 2.. your choice

Note this is our suggested timetable, we can change it up, just for you! Just let us know

What is Included

  • Professional Flamenco Dancer
  • Your own session at a private dance school
  • Let us know if you want that wine to loosen the nerves! We can arrange for tapas too.
  • Price depends on group size and time of year. The more of you there are, the cheaper
  • it tends to be. So send an invite to your whole contacts list!

What else do I need to know?

  • Summary of FOOTWEAR TIPS:
  • Use shoes that support your feet and ankles.
  • Low heels make for the right stomping sounds
  • Salsa class is just us sexy as Flamenco.. you know what to do next!

How can I book or find out more about Ibiza Flamenco?