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Powerful passion
Experience the soul of Portugal
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Fado Lisbon – the famous Portuguese passion

What is Fado? Music. Beautiful, soul searching, melancholic music born in Lisbon.

A Portuguese music genre steeped in tradition the songs follow a particularly wistful, downbeat sounding structure that perfectly fit the Portuguese saying ‘saudade’, symbolising a feeling of loss and regret and its everlasting effect. Fado Lisbon features the classic and Portuguese guitar, a similar sound to the Spanish instrument, which plays an important role as the alluring, absorbing vocals further express the powerful emotions of the song.

Fado Lisbon live music show is the way to experience the rich culture and history of such a stunning place. A number of incredibly talented musicians will perform for the audience for 1 hour accompanied by gorgeous images of the key places to visit in Lisbon. So not only will you get a real feel of what Portugal and Lisbon are really about but you will get to see some beautiful images of this vibrant capital city – a musical and visual journey in one.

Lisbon Fado 5Lisbon Fado 4Lisbon Fado 1

Experience Fado Lisbon music from its birth place in Lisbon and discover why it has rightly found a place in the Intangible Cultural heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. It’s powerful, unique sound is bound to move you and you hen or stag friends, adding a great bit of culture into your weekend.

The Fado Lisbon show is right in the centre of Lisbon, perfectly placed to stroll the streets after this one of a kind musical adventure soaking up the atmosphere, tasting some Portuguese wine, sampling some more caipirinhas, necking some Superbocks and feasting on some local cuisine (custard tarts optional).

This show has been voted the best Fado Lisbon music show and with daily shows right in the centre it’s a perfect activity to combine with a restaurant booking, with over 250 to choose from!, a bar crawl around some of the trendiest bars, or a night of clubbing in one of Lisbon’s many top venue’s. So if you want to really feel the spirit of Lisbon book Fado Lisbon and get your ears and eyes ready for an enthralling, scintillating experience!

‘This show really was something different. The screen images with the music worked really well and the musicians were fantastic. I wasn’t sure if I’d like the music but it was so moving we all got into it. We carried on in the area all night. It all made for a really good, different experience.Thanks for the recommendation’ Sarah and Amy from Nottingham

Lisbon Fado 3Fado Lisbon Music Show – What’s included?

  • 1 hour of inspiring and authentic Music
  • a drink
  • Beautiful pictures of Lisbon.
  • Help on how to get to the venue and what to do after.
  • Option with dinner and bar crawl after.

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