Professional actor
Scared stag!
Classic Stag Prank
Ideal to combine with a Bar Crawl

Lisbon Stag Do Prank – Surprise the groom with a classic!

Lisbon Stag Do PrankYou are looking for an idea to make your friends Lisbon stag party unforgettable? This will certainly make him remember that night, even after a few drinks! This is our classic Lisbon stag do prank and it works every time. Our professional actor will scare the stag quite a lot, so make sure you do this in the middle of a fun evening, ideally with our Bar Crawl or Stag Night, so they have time to relax after!

We will send you an undercover cop with a badge – an absolute pro who will create an almost too believable scenario – you might not even be sure yourself if it is true or not! Make sure not to tell the rest of your Lisbon stag do, this way you can see the frightened faces of everyone and it will be even more real for the stag. The actor will accuse the stag for possession and consumption of drugs and arrest him. After he is scared enough we will unveil that this was a prank and you can comfort him with a few more drinks. Our nightlife guide will then show you around the Nightlife in Lisbon. A great add-on for every Lisbon stag do package!

Lisbon Stag do prank – typical schedule

  • Your guide meets you in the center for your Bar Crawl or Stag Night.
  • The bust will take place at the beginning of the bar crawl.
  • If you booked a Lisbon stag do Nightlife Package it will be after your meal.
  • After the shock we will of course reveal it was a prank and let you keep going with our guide, who will take care of you and show around the great Lisbon nightlife and clubs.

LLisbon Stag Prankisbon Stag do prank – what else do I need to know?

  • The drug bust is an add-on for our our Lisbon Stag do Bar Crawl or Stag Night.
  • Here are the two activities you can book this with: BAR CRAWL and STAG NIGHT
  • Try not to laugh and don’t tell the rest of the group that you have planned this.
  • Our actor is professional and will coordinate well with you and your guide.
  • Even funnier if you actually are doing drugs… just kidding! Illegal behaviour is not supported by us.

How can I book a Lisbon Stag do prank?