Local guide
Entry to the venue
Free drink
Free table dance

Strip Club Lisbon – a great add on for every Stag do!

You are planning a wild weekend and want to spice it up? Let us organise you our Strip Club Lisbon Package! This activity is a perfect add on for your stag do. Combine this with our Bar Crawl to get a full night out! We use the best venues in town and our guide makes sure to get you there. Enjoy a hot night out with your friends, we are sure they will all be happy with this activity!

Strip Club Lisbon 5Strip Club LisbonStrip Club Lisbon 4

If you want, book a Bar Crawl first to get to know the best places to go to in Lisbon. Our guide will take you around and show you where you can enjoy a night out. As an extra to your evening we will then take you to a great Strip Club where you can end your night or move on to some of Lisbon’s vibrant Clubs. Our guide will help you the whole night and make sure you get to a club. From then on it is up to you!

Strip Club LisbonStrip Club Lisbon – typical schedule

  • 22:30 Meet with our guide at a central meeting point
  • 22:45 Enter one of Lisbon’s top Strip Clubs for an unforgettable night
  • 23:30 Enjoy your free drink and your table dance that is included in this package
  • 00:00 Ask us and your guide what to do next, we can organise you entry in the best Lisbon clubs!

Strip Club Lisbon – what’s included?

  • One of our local guides
  • Entry to the venue
  • One free drink per person
  • One free table dance per group

How can I book the Strip Club Lisbon Package?