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Wine Tasting Lisbon  – time to taste the flavour of Lisbon

Taste your way through one of the most famous wine regions in the world. Let your taste buds explore the exquisite flavours that Portugal & Lisbon wine have to offer. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or a consummate wino this activity will leave you bursting with impressive knowledge about Wine Tasting Lisbon to show off to your mates or work colleagues back home.

Lisbon Wine TastingPortugal’s amazing wine tradition means that Wine Tasting Lisbon is a must for wine lovers. Experience full bodied reds from the regions of Alentejo and the famous Douro Valley as well as the scrumptious white wine Albarino, named after the Galician word for grape. And of course, no Portugal visit would be complete without tasting Porto Port wine from the oldest Port wine houses in the world.

During Wine Tasting Lisbon you’ll take sumptuous sips while listening to our wine expert point out the beauty of all these wines and leave with a wealth of Wine Tasting Lisbon knowledge and rosy, happy cheeks.

Portuguese and Wine Tasting Lisbon

Lisbon Wine TastingTraditional influences from the Romans has meant that wine has been produced in Portugal for centuries, so they have definitely got the hang of it! It has two main wine producing regions, one of which is the Douro Valley, a gorgeous lush, hilly countryside that holds an almost perfect climate all year round for the grapes to grow and be farmed. Each wine has its own distinct flavour and personality and Lisbon wine is all about variety. So a tasting experience really is the best way to find your personal favourite.

Why Wine Tasting Lisbon?

Drinking wine has always been one solution to the famous Portuguese feelings of ‘saudade‘ – a longing for a lost lover or a nostalgic feeling of being truly alive. So lets do what the Portuguese do and let wine wash away all our troubles.

‘We had a wonderful time on the Lisbon wine tasting. We learnt a lot and tasted some lovely wines, that we ended up buying to take home! Highly recommended’ Steph Kerr from Norfolk

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