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Best things to do in Lisbon? Play football!

You’ve come come to the continent with your mates and you’re looking for one of the best things to do in Lisbon? We can organise your very own football match here with 5,7, or 11 a side, a ball, team bibs, transport to and from the pitch from your hotel, a ref (if you want the authentic red-card experience!) and we’ll even find you a local team to play against!

If you and your football-mad stag mates want to re-live the spirit of 66 and play some footy in Portugal we’ve got just the ticket. Sweat out some of the beer and wine from last night’s party and let us make this pitch-perfect football experience one to remember! Enjoy the amazing weather by celebrating your trip to Lisbon by showing off your 1-touch skills and having a match of a lifetime!

Not satisfied just playing a match between you and your mates?

The Spain Event can set up a match against a real-live-local team to test your ball-kicking and ref-pleading abilities. In Portugal they take their football seriously, so be prepared either for celebrating an away-team victory, or holding your heads high as you give it your best and get a solid drubbing anyway.

Best things to do in LisbonBest Things to do in Lisbon Best things to do in Lisbon  

Afterwards our guide can take you to a local pub where you can relive the highs and lows of the game with a few beers or ten! Why let Cristiano Ronaldo get all the glory? The beautiful game is waiting for you and your gang of lads to get in there!

We brought the stag onto the pitch wearing a banana costume and  played against a local tweam. Cheers to the Spain Event for making it all go smoothly…except the result of course…Tom, organiser of Lisbon Stag, 2016

Best things to do in Lisbon Football match- typical schedule (total approx. 4 hours)

  • 13:00 We’ll meet you at your hotel and make sure you get to the pitch in time to limber up
  • 1400: Kick off!
  • 1545: A keenly–disputed Euro tie ends.
  • 1600: After changing, our guide will escort you to the pub for the verbal highlights – or to watch some real  football!
  • These timings are just our suggestions, other times are also available.

What is included

  • Public transport with our guide to and from the pitch.
  • A 2-hour football pitch booking (usually sand, artificial grass surface or tennis quick)
  • Changing facilities
  • Coloured team bibs
  • A ball!
  • Options for a Referee, playing against a local team, a fancy dress costume for the Stag (Banana striker? Yes!)

What else do I need to know?

  • If floodlights are required there may be a supplement to be paid.
  • Private coach transport can also be supplied.
  • We’ll advise on the right footwear for the surface.
  • Bring a camera as you are sure to want to review the highlights later!
  • If you are playing in spring or summer, choose the right time of day, and take plenty of water!

How can I book a match?