Great way to get up Lisbon's hills !
See Alfama and the castle
Trendy Chaido area
The river and Belem monuments

Rent an E-buggy – see all those Lisbon attractions

This is the easy and fun way to get aroud this fabulous city. Buggies are not only a great laugh, they let you see the famous Lisbon attractions, get up all of those hills, and still save energy for night time fun! Sit back, relax and get in gear to take in the Lisbon attractions and views and not miss out on a thing as you whizz around Lisbon with your mates.

No need to worry about hills, tired legs or getting lost as the talking GPS will guide you to all the best places. The tours can last one hour or 90 minutes (depending on which tour you choose) – you can even schedule food and drinks stops may be needed after all.

Lisbon buggy cars - see Lisbon attractions See all Lisbon atttractons using an Electric buggy E-buggies - electric vehicles for Lisbon attractions

See Alfama, Lisbon Castle, Belem and Shiado – choose from 3 routes

Our tour allow you to select one of three spectacular routes, although most of the main sights of Lisbon attractions can be seen from all of them.

  • The Belem tour shows you the riverfront, gardens, parks, monuments, art exhibitions and events. You’ll see the famous Belem Tour and the monument to Portugal’s seafarers and discoverers and drive under teh 24th April bridge.
  • Old Town Lisbon takes you to the oldest oart of the city, the former Moorish settlement of Alfama and the Sé or Cathedral. Fro here theere are several viewing platforms that offer spectacular views of other Lisbon attractions like Chiado and the Tagus estuary.
  • And for all those happy shoppers out there, elegant Chiado is a must. Nicknamed the ‘soho-style’ district this bustling area of cobbled streets lined with trendy bars and cafés, great restaurants and shops will definitely keep you entertained. This is the Lisbon of café society and the great Fernando Pessoa.

Lisbon attractions Lisbn attractions Belem Tower Lisbin attractions Chiado

It’s time you got on your buggie!

E-buggies in Lisbon- typical schedule

  • 1445: Meet in central Lisbon, near the Praça do Comercio (also near the Beer Museum….!)
  • Your monitor will brief you on safety, and use of the buggies. He will also make sure your buggy is all charged up and ready to climb some of those steep Lisbon slopes.
  • 1500: You’ll set off for your tour (lasting 1hr or 1.5 hrs depending on which route you choose)
  • 1600 – 1630: You’ll be back, but still thrilled by memories of those Lisbon attractions and sights. You may just decide to hit Lisbon’s Beer Museum (just around the corner) to compare photos

Lisbon attractions with E-Buggy – What is included ?

  • Electric vehicles seating 4 or 6 persons, with insurance.
  • A briefing on use of the vehicles and GPS
  • You’ll have one expert monitor per group. She or he will lead you around the city driving one of the buggies. Other buggies will be driven by designated drivers in your group.
  • Stops can be made where required, if safe.
  • A 60 or 90 minute rental allows you to see most Lisbon attractions.
  • Transport to the central start point is NOT included.

Lisbon attractions with E-Buggy – What else do I need to know?

  • E-buggies are safe, quiet and environmentally friendly.
  • Buggies provide a perfect way to get quickly around this hilly city.
  • You’ll use buggies for 4 or 6 persons, and your guide will drive one of these.
  • All drivers will need a valid driving license
  • Anyone under the influence of alcohol will not be able to participate.

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