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Lisbon Jeep Safari – time to get your jungle on!

If you’re looking for a day of adventure, excitement, fresh air and views to take your breath away in amazing natural surroundings then this Jeep Safari activity is for you! Take a break from all the caipirinhas, superbocks and custard tarts and banish the feeling of saudade with a Lisbon Jeep Safari experience.

Lisbon Jeep Safari4Lisbon Jeep Safari in Sintra

One of the routes you can choose on this brilliant activity is to Sintra. You’ll be taken just outside Lisbon to the beautiful World Heritage site of Sintra national park. Here you’ll be introduced to your 4 wheeled companion which you’ll be driving over the terrain for the next 3hrs or even full day. Once settled and accustomed to your 4 by 4 jeep you’ll set off to explore rocky ground, lush green surrounding, trails and paths. As you navigate your way around the national park you’ll see spectacular views including farms, Palace’s and cliffs – just make sure you watch out for those! So get ready to put peddle to the metal and get those engines roaring!

Lisbon Jeep Safari in Serra Do Acor

Lisbon Jeep Safari3Another exciting adventurous guided route you can take is in Serra Do Acor. This fascinating route covers all kinds of different terrain over a period of 3 – 6 hrs driving time, you just have to decide how long your driving stamina can last! You can even include a restaurant stop off for a delicious local feed to keep your energy levels revving along with your engine. This route is all about the cultural side Lisbon, spreading out from the outskirts of the city. Discover Piodao, a gorgeous, hillside village set amongst vast rolling mountains. This traditional schist (a stone from the area of Serra Do Acor) village is considered one of the most beautiful villages in the whole of Portugal. Breath in the smell of rosemary, gaze at the yellow flowers that grow on the hillside and listen to the many stream’s that run down from the mountain. Following on from this idealic village the next stops will be Mata da Margaraca and Fraga da Pena where you’ll drive through flourishing woodland trails with captivating waterfalls, stunning mountain views, cobbled streets and cottage like houses.

Lisbon Jeep SafariLisbon Jeep Safari in Serra da Lousa

For an even more packed cultural experience then why not explore the schist villages of Serra da Lousa? This charming route will take you through numerous bewitching mountain villages, including the picturesque Cerdeira and Candal, where you can see the traditional stone built houses, churches and monuments, with huge 100 year old trees casting some much needed shade across the villagers daily farming or crafting activities.

So get your safari outfit on, your bottled water at the ready and accelerate towards a great day out!

‘We loved this! It was so much fun driving the jeep and we saw some amazing places and met some really friendly villagers who gave us some of their food to try! One of our group even swam in the freezing waterfall! It broke up the madness of the rest of the weekend really well. Thanks for the suggestion’ Stephen Wilson, stag group from London

Lisbon Jeep SafariLisbon Jeep Safari – What’s included?

  • A typically 3 hour long, circular route, unless you would like a longer one.
  • The Jeep take 4, 7 or 8 persons.
  • If you would like to include lunch, let us know.
  • You get guides will show you the way and explain where you are going.
  • Transfers to the venue.

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