Sea air
Fun exercise
Professional guide
All necessary equipment
River Tour

Lisbon Kayaking – time to float your boat!

Sun, sea, caipirinhas and kayaking. Get your kit off (and into suitable swimming gear) and set sail down the beautiful Tagus river. Be in the best place to view the sites and wave at the boring land folk. Race your friends, get some exercise and get going on your Lisbon kayaking sea adventure.

Lisbon KayakingLisbon Kayaking Route

Your Lisbon kayaking adventure will include the choice of one or comfortable two seater kayaks and an energetic, knowledgeable, English speaking expert kayaking guide who will demonstrate how to get paddling and take you on an unforgettable route down the flowing river and along the banks. Setting off from Oeiras harbour you’ll see the gorgeous Santo Amaro beach, local fishing boats of all sizes and majestic castles and fortresses such as Catalazets, Sao Joao das Maias and Paco de Arcos.

Who can do the Lisbon Kayaking Adventure?

Lisbon KayakingAnyone! You don’t need to super fit to enjoy Lisbon kayaking, just a lover of fun, outdoor activities and able to swim! The trips will last 1 and a half to 2 hours, but don’t worry there will be pit stops on route! A few well earned Super Bocks and some Portuguese custard tarts will help keep your energy up and your arms paddling with ease.

Get setted into your kayak and experience the ever growing trendy spot of Lisbon from its beautiful river. Cool down, splash your mates and maybe make the stag or hen swim! This kayaking adventure is a great way to break up all the bar and club hopping and get everyone in your group some action!

Lisbon kayaking guarantees fresh air, gentle sea waves, light exercise, sightseeing and sunshine, helping wash away those potential hangovers and get you raring to go for the next round.

‘Our stag group were pretty worse for wear when we started but after a bit we were laughing so much we forgot all about it. Good exercise, good fun!’ Matt White, London

Sea Kayaking Adventure Typical Schedule:

  • 11:00 You’ll meet your fun guide
  • 11:15 You’ll be given all the safety instructions and equipment
  • 11:30 Set off on your guided river tour – ask for pit stops along the way
  • 1:30 End of activity – time for some ice cold Superbocks

Lisbon Kayaking – what’s included?

  • You will get a personal english-speaking guide
  • Transfer to the starting point
  • Instructions and equipment
  • 1,5 – 2 hours adventure

How can I book or find out more about Lisbon Kayaking?