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Lisbon Lasertag

Here comes the newest sci-fi spinoff of that old favourite, total war! Lisbon lasertag is attracting so many fans. Lasertag is a high-powered group activity perfect for your stag, hen-party or corporate event.

Lasertag is similar to paintball, except with infrared laser guns which simulate actual firing and impact sounds…so you won’t need to make ‘pyoo-pyoo’ laser noises (unless you still want to).

You’ll know when you’ve been hit …

You may not feel the impact (unless you are from planet Zircon B) because you lasergun will sound-off! Lasertag doesn’t need the bulkier gear used for paintballing, making it ideal for people who want the thrill of a gunfight, but prefer the style of Han Solo over Arnold Schwarzenegger!

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Fire at will!  We’ve recreated an outdoor warzone with lots of obstacles, bunkers, ex-military vehicles and a maze of blockades for you and your mates to release their inner stormtrooper.  This is the activity you’re looking for. Our monitors will coordinate games such as Capture the Flag, Fortress Assault, Total Mayhem and Strike Force, each designed to give your group the thrill of battle.  Celebrate with your winning team and console the vanquished with plenty of beer.

“The kit was surprisingly light! We had a ball running around and zapping each other and the monitors were brilliant…great day, thanks” – Helen, Canterbury, 2016

Lisbon Lasertag- typical schedule 

  • 14:00 (this is only a suggested schedule) Our coach picks your group up from your hotel
  • 14:30 Arrive at Lisbon Lasertag and get event briefing
  • 15:00 Battlefield games begin!
  • 17;00 Finish the games, hop on your waiting coach
  • 17:30 Arrive back at your hotel

What is included

  • Transport to and from the venue by coach
  • All lasertag equipment, charged up and ready to go!
  • A monitor to guide and manage the lasertag and the games

What else do I need to know?

  • Bring some sturdy footwear, no flip-flops for this one, mate!
  • Humming the theme from Star Wars while you play isn’t a requirement, but it helps!
  • Lone gunmen do alright, but better to plan your team strategy for maximum firepower!

Things to do in Lisbon

Vaporize your ordinary city-break, corporate function or stag/hen do with this new adrenaline-charged team event. We will pick your group up at your hotel with our coach which takes you to the venue where you’ll receive an equipment briefing before the battle begins!

If you’re up for more hardcore things to do in Lisbon, there’s always PAINTBALL, another recommended group activity for team-building and more target practice on the stag or hen. There is no doubt that you won’t ruin a set of clothes/shoes with this one though!

Booking is so easy when you live on the edge and choose Lisbo-tag!