Relaxing and different
Expert instructor
All necessary equipment
A great way to begin a beautiful day in Lisbon!

Lisbon Water Sports – Paddle power!

Try out some Lisbon water sports by standing on a surf board and paddling yourself around! It’s easy, fun and can be as exciting or relaxing as you want it to be. Paddle boards are longer, wider and more buoyant than normal surf boards, so you can balance easily and paddle yourself along at whatever speed you like. So don’t worry, you don’t have to be Laird Hamilton to really enjoy Lisbon water sports paddle surfing!

Lisbon Water Sports Stand up Paddle2Paddle is one of the best Lisbon water sports. A great activity which combines the sun, sea, sand, and gently waves with some fun exercise, that won’t take too much out of you! First off all you have to do is get into your swimwear (mankini optional for the stag) listen to our local paddle instructor as he or she takes you through the moves, gets you on your board and of course puts a paddle in your hand. Then all you have to do is stand on your board, paddle at the ready and set off along the fresh, cool water on your Lisbon water sports adventure.

A relaxing and fun activity for everyone

Lisbon Water Sports Stand up Paddle1Paddle is one of the Lisbon water sports that allows you to go at your own pace. Simply glide along, the fresh sea air sweeping away those pounding headaches from the previous night of caipirinhas and superbocks and take in all the beautiful sights along the way. If you’re feeling brave, or maybe just showing off to your fellow stag or hen mates, you can even try and surf a few waves, whilst standing straight and carving out some stylish moves. Or, you may just fall in. Both options are highly recommended.

Not only is this a fun Lisbon water sports activity that you can do with your friends, it’s also great exercise. What better way is there than breaking up your drinking, dancing, eating and checking out the local talent routine with some exercise exploring your inner surfer? So get your paddle and get surfing!

Lisbon Water Sports Paddle – what else do I need to know?

  • All the necessary equipment is provided.
  • You’ll be shown the ropes by our expert paddle tutor.
  • All you need is swimwear, sun cream and of course, be able to swim!

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