Professional Trainer
90-minute private class
Central Lisbon

Pole Dance Lisbon – Perfect for every hen do!

Have a fun afternoon with your friends while working out, laughing and possibly getting rid of a little hangover! We organise you a private Pole dance Lisbon lesson with a professional pole dance teacher in a centrally located studio. Pole Dancing Lisbon is a great way to spend time together and makes for some fun pictures for later. No matter if you are an absolute beginner or you already know some hot moves – your personal teacher will adapt to your level.

Pole dance LisbonPole Dance Lisbon 5Pole Dance Lisbon

This is a perfect activity for hens or a fun weekend with your friends, our Pole Dancing master class has all the attributes of this sensual and seductive dance for you and your Hen or Corporate group. Our expert guide in private surroundings of Lisbon will give you the confidence to move your body in a way that you never thought possible. As much as it will make you feel sensual, alluring and beautiful it is also proven to be a sexy workout and works every part of your body. So let The Spain Event create a sensual chapter for you and move like you have never moved before. This way you will feel refreshed and confident when it is time to go out in the evening!

Pole Dance Lisbon – typical schedule

  • Pole Dance Lisbon 11545: You will meet our english-speaking Pro at a central dance-studio.
  • 1600: Pole dancing class begins with a tipple or two – to get you into the party spirit!
  • 1715: Class ends and on the way back to change before the big hen night out, let our guide recommend a watering hole for another drink, or maybe you’d want to relax and pamper those muscles with a trip to a great luxury spa!
  • Precise timings depend on availability! These are just suggested timings. If you have lunch or early evening plans,  we can probably accommodate and times you prefer!

Pole Dance Lisbon what is included?

  • An expert pole dancing teacher.
  • Your own session at a private studio.
  • A 75 minute class.
  • Approximately two glasses of champagne each!

Pole Dance Lisbon 3Pole Dance Lisbon – what else do I need to know?

  • We recommend wearing comfortable shorts and a vest, trainers than can be removed (heels may not be permitted).
  • Bare legs are required to grip the pole so track suit pants that you can remove at the studio are also a good idea.
  • Do not apply body lotion right before the class, otherwise you will slide down the pole without any grip!

How can I book or find out more about Pole Dance Lisbon?