Transport included
Exciting off-the-wall adventure!
Experienced monitors to guide you through
Conquer the challenges!

Things to do in Lisbon Portugal: High Ropes Course

If your Stag, Hen-do or corporate group wants to do something different, exciting and memorable during your stay in Lisbon, then tackling our high-ropes course is the activity you’re looking for! Our instructors will give you the training and safety info you need to traverse the hanging bridges, elevated platforms and superslides (the biggest is 100 metres long!). Using protective equipment and secure lifelines your group is set for thrilling yet safe climbing on fixed cables, nets, driftwood obstacles and lookout towers!

things to do in lisbon portugal things to do in Lisbon Portugal things to do in Lisbon Portugal

Get ready to swing! Our rep will pick you up at your hotel with our coach and zip you to the high-ropes course located about 30 minutes away and just metres from the Atlantic coast. Our experienced monitors will guide your group through the various obstacles and challenges, each one doable yet excitingly get-your-heart-going enough that you’ll be proud you did it! We’ve got all the high-class action here with our single cable walk, bird’s nest viewpoint, swinging logs and climbing walls. Is the high-ropes course not adrenaline-charged enough for you? We also have a Paintball battle area ready for your group to conquer.

Things to do in Lisbon Portugal? High Ropes Course!

When famed Portuguese writer José Saramago was asked about things to do in Lisbon Portugal, his reply was never recorded, but we’re sure he would’ve been mad about our High-Ropes Course, filled with tricky endings, surprise twists and cliffhangers! Build up your team spirit with this off-the-wall event and grasp the challenge with both hands (and feet!). Your Stag-do, Hen-do or corporate group will have a monkey of a time getting tied up with our High-Ropes Course beneath the shining sun and blue skies of Portugal.

Things to do in Lisbon Portugal: High Ropes Course – read what our customers think

“It was a thrill to get up to the highest tower by walking on just a rope! The kit was easy to use and our rep made sure everything went smoothly. Thanks!” – Sarah, Norwich 2014

Things to do in Lisbon Portugal: High Ropes Course – suggested schedule 

  • 14:00 We collect you at your Lisbon hotel and take you to the High Ropes Course – a 30 minute drive approx.
  • 14:45 You’ll have a safety briefing from the monitors and get used to the kit and equipment.
  • 15:00-17:00 Climbing the High Ropes!
  • 17:30 Arrive back at your hotel ready for the night to come!

Things to do in Lisbon Portugal: High Ropes Course – price andwhat is included

  • Price depends on group size (minimum 14) and time of year
  • Private coach travel to and from your hotel with our Rep
  • A complete safety briefing and use of all equipment
  • 3 hours of organised High Ropes course action!
  • Optional BBQ can be added and makes for a great day out!

Things to do in Lisbon Portugal: High Ropes Course – what else do I need to know?

  • Bring some sturdy shoes and light clothing as you’ll be clamoring around in the sun.  Sunglasses and suncream are always a plus Things to do in Lisbon Portugaltoo!
  • Make sure someone from your group brings a camera as there are going to be some great moments to snap pics of your mates up on the course, either making it to the top or getting all tied up!
  • You can buy bottles of water at the High Ropes Course and The Spain Event strongly recommends this. Climbing, swinging, hanging out and holding-on-for-dear-life makes for thirsty work! In addition, beer is always recommended throughout your weekend in Lisbon!

How can I book the High Ropes Course?