Located in central Lisbon
Relaxed atmosphere
Professional Instructors
Welcome champagne

Exotic and Fabulous Burlesque and Belly Dancing Class

If you’re wondering what to do in Lisbon Portugal with your Hen-do that’s unusual, sign them up for our private one-hour Burlesque or Belly Dancing Class. Located in Central Lisbon our experienced English-speaking instructors will bring out either the sexy, cabaret entertainer or exotic temptress in you. Our sunlit dance studio is waiting to make your Hen fiesta something to remember. Less physical than pole dancing, Burlesque and belly dancing classes are a perfect opportunity to celebrate sensuality and the art of teasing!

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Release your inner diva! Get into all that jazz as our expert instructor puts you and your friends through the basics of the erotic Burlesque or Belly dance styles, and don’t worry if you’re a little shy, we’ve got some welcome champagne to start you off and put you in the mood! Learn how to become a femme fatale in your own show and pretty soon you will lose all your inhibitions. Shake your booty, grab your feather boa and prepare your group for some exotic fun. The photos and videos are going to make it all worthwhile. 

Twirl your bangles!

Relive scenes from the movie Chicago and learn to be a sexy Burlesque dancer or take on the ever-so-erotic art of Belly Dancing. The alluring secrets of this captivating style will be revealed as the Hen plays front and centre in a choreographed performance of the year! Come away from this spot of fun with a few new moves for the dancefloorYour private class awaits!

Burlesque and Belly Dancing Class – read what our customers think

“Our group of Hens had a ball learning the moves and putting a routine together – we were doing it afterwards at the club! Really fun, thanks” – Stephanie, Organiser of 12-person Hen-do, Norwich, 2015

What to do in Lisbon Portugal? A Private Burlesque and Belly Dancing class – typical schedule 

  • 13:45 Arrive a bit early to meet your instructor and have some champagne
  • 14:00 Enjoy a one-hour class of Burlesque or Belly Dancing styles with our expert Instructor and learn the secrets of erotic dance
  • 15:00 Class ends.  Lunch anyone? Let our representatives arrange a sexy waiter to serve you. Contact one of our representatives and make your Hen do fabulous!

A Private Burlesque and Belly Dancing Class – what is included

  • A one-hour private class for your group in our central Lisbon dance Studio
  • Instruction by an English-speaking professional dance teacher
  • Free welcome glass of champagne

What to do in Lisbon Portugal? Burlesque and Belly Dancing – what else do I need to know?

  • This is not a class to wear trainers – Bring some beautiful lingerie and props. If you need to shop in Lisbon, let us know in advance so we can recommend some good addresses.
  • This activity combines well with a visit afterwards to our Luxury Lisbon Spa!

How can I book a private Burlesque and Belly Dancing class?