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What to see in Lisbon with the Lisbon Helicopter Tour!

Sit down, strap in and prepare for some serious heights and amazing sights! The exhilarating Lisbon helicopter tour is one of the best ways to view this stunning capital city. Discover what to see in Lisbon As you take off in a sexy sleek helicopter your unforgettable adventure begins.

The Imperial Tour

What to see in LisbonWhat to see in Lisbon: Torre de Belem

This fantastic flying adventure will take off from the Tagus river. As you look down from you Lisbon helipcopter and to your left you will see the Belem Tower, Torre de Belem, in all its majestic beauty, growing up out of the sea at the very edge of the shore. This incredible tower was commissioned by King John II to defend the city of Lisbon from the river mouth.

What to see in Lisbon: Jeronimos

You’ll then gracefully continue along the beautiful flowing river, past more riverside buildings and monuments, cobbled streets and people below going about their daily lives on land! This spectacular helicopter will then take you over and past Jeronimos, a huge 500 year old Monastery, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site situated right on the shoreline. These towering buildings represent a superior example of Lisbon’s Gothic architecture.

What to see in Lisbon: Ponte 25 de Abril

Your own personal helicopter will then glide over the bridge, Ponte 25 de abril. This 2227m bridge stretches across the Tagus river connecting the capital of Portugal to Almada and all its neighbouring towns and villages. From above you will be able to take in its inherent structural beauty and see why it is often compared to the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco.

What to see in LisbonWhat to see in LisbonWhat to see in Lisbon

What to see in Lisbon: Cristo Rei

The next soaring sight is the Lisbon’s iconic monument of Cristo Rei. Inspired by the famous statue in Rio de Janeiro this massive monument to Christ standing at 28m tall, really is something to see! Its outstretched arms protecting Lisbon and all its people. From this point in particular the views across Lisbon are breathtaking.

What to see in Lisbon: Baixo de Lisboa

Gliding through the air you’ll pass over the area of Baixo. This is the bustling, thriving centre of Lisbon. Its broad squares and cobbled pedestrian streets are lined with gorgeous neoclassical buildings. Filled with cafes, shops and art deco tiling a birds eye view of this uniquely stunning centre is something you won’t forget.

What to see in Lisbon: Castello de Sao Jorge

Your fabulous flying machine will then take you over the Moorish castle, Castello de Sao Jorge, which overlooks the centre of Lisbon and the river from its hilltop location. This impressive ancient castle is one of the main tourist attractions in Lisbon. And from your view you will definitely understand why.

So lets get you and your mates airborne and see Lisbon from a striking superior seat!

‘Unbelievable! I’m scared of heights so I first the girls had set me up to jump out of a plane! This was much better! Once I was up it was so amazing!’ Catherine Roberts, Hen do, Manchester

What is included in the Lisbon helicopter tour?

  • You will get a 15 minute fly over beautiful lisbon.
  • Of course with a professional pilot.
  • The helicopter can take three persons at a time.
  • You will receive safety instructions and all necessary equipment.

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