High speed
Adrenaline packed
Cruise ready
Great fun!

Lisbon Boat Trips – RIB-tastic!

Take a Lisbon boat trips RIB down the beautiful Tagus river, adrenaline style! RIB boats are what it’s all about.

RIB sailing boats are becoming more and more popular. These exciting, versatile boast are mainly used for diving and racing! So that should give you an idea of what’s in store… speed! They’re light and durable so that can really get going! So if you can picture you and you stag or hen do mates blasting up and down the river on one of these Lisbon boat trips RIB boats, then book away!

Lisbon Boat Trips RIB2lisbon boat trips

 Boast about your Lisbon boat trips RIB:

RIB’s are amazing boats that are gaining huge respect and completing mammoth challenges in the boat world. In 1997 Alan Priddy steered his RIB boat from America to England, with a little stop over in the Arctic Circle! And in 2002 went round the world in his open top RIB!

These amazing boats are great for cruising as well as dashing along the the river at high speeds. They can slide easily onto beaches and their shallow drafts mean they can explore hidden nooks, crannies and caves. Their stylish and comfortable and seriously good fun.

On your Lisbon boat trips RIB you can choose a 1hr hour high speed, adrenaline RIB and go shooting up the river, feel the wind in your hair, wipe away those hangovers and get the blood pumping for the next round! Or a 2 or 4 hour trip, combining speed as well as some great, smooth cruising. It’s time to get your hen or stag do party racing with a Lisbon boat trips  RIB experience.

“I had never even heard of a RIB boat before, now all the boys want to buy one! They’re super fast, easy to steer (the skipper was sound and even let me have a go!) We chose the open bar and the 4hrs which loads of fun, we saw loads and felt way better than when we started! Except for one of the lads who forgot to put sun cream on and burnt his bald head! Cheers for the recommendation, well worth it’ ”

Will Glass, Shepherds Bush, stag weekend, July 2014

What’s included:

  • Choose from a 1 hour adrenaline trip or a 2 to 4 hour Lisbon boat trip on a brilliant RIB boat.
  • You get your own RIB boat with skipper, to steer you in the right direction!
  • You can add an open bar (incase A LOT of hair of the dog is needed) as well as snacks.

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