• Weekends in the capital of the world
  • 24 hoursMadrid rocks all night
  • 9 times Championreal and atletico stadium tours
  • Fast daysgo karts, paintball, baby bull running, cycling, quads
  • Near the actionnever a dull moment
  • Pamperrelax in a real arab bath
  • Bars bars barsto keep you up all night
  • PassionAwaken your Spanish soul
  • Tapas capitala madrid religion
  • Accommodationrecommended and at group rates
Weekends 1 24 hours2 9 times Champion3 Fast days4 Near the action5 Pamper6 Bars bars bars7 Passion8 Tapas capital9 Accommodation10

A Madrid Stag Do is a capital weekend- on all counts

Madrid stag do in a town that parties all night. For a top Madrid weekend choose Spain’s liveliest, gutsiest city. Choose from hundreds of daytime or night-time activities. Just click on the photos below, or use the menu above. Use our request form and one of our Madrid weekend consultants will get back to offer you the Madrid stag do you know you deserve.


Why a Madrid stag do will put you in the Champions League- here you’ll feel so Real

If you were ever to apply to join the league of Champions, well Madrid must just about be the ideal place. If you visit the Bernabeu Stadium you’ll see their 11 European Champions trophies. That’s a bit intimidating, especially if your team are…well, crap. But you’ll get over it when you see the party spirit and the friendliness of the local Madrileños. Those of us who live in Madrid think Ernest Hemingway got it right. Madrid will delight you if you are a party animal, and impress you if you love people-watching and architecture.

madrid stag do ronaldo

The most Spanish of cities, it also holds a cosmopolitan charm and disregard for conventional timetables that few other cities in Europe can match.  Madrid nightlife is regarded by most as the best in Spain. It has restaurants to please all tastes and budgets and if you are organising a Madrid stag do you cannot choose a better destination.

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