90 minute of pure relaxation
Massage included
Aromatic waters
Madrid city centre

Madrid Arabian Baths

Hammam Madrid SpaRecover inside and out at Madrid Arabian Baths.  A temple for relaxation, pampering and hangover recovery in central Madrid, including a massage, and refreshing and authentic Arabic teas. Madrid’s purpose-built Hammam is a legend in Spain. Run according to the ancient traditions of an Arab bathhouse, sublime silence is the rule just like in the days when Spain was part of Al-Andalus, an enlightened Islamic province.

You’ll  enjoy a 90 minute session, including an all-over body massage. The Madrid Hammam is designed to allow the body to relax when it comes in contact with water. Alternating between hot and cold pools stimulates blood circulation and toxins are literally steamed away by the aromatic vapour in the atmosphere. That means that if you’ve overdone it the night before (and let’s face it, you will have…) this will mean instant recovery!  Don’t believe us though, give  it a go and see for yourself ! You be ready for the next 1,001 nights…

Arabian Baths in Madrid: Typical schedule (90 mins Total)

  • Sessions begin at 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600 and 1800.
  • Book early to avoid being disappointed or having to split your group into two shifts (max 25 per session)

Madrid Arab BathsMadrid HammamMadrid Massage

Madrid Massage and Arab Baths: What is included

  • A 90 minute session at the Madrid Arabian Baths
  • A 15-20 min Massage
  • Towel-gown and lockers
  • Traditional arab teas to get those free radicals into shape!
  • Transport is not usually required, the Baths are in central Madrid can be reached easily on foot, or by Metro from your hotel.

Arabian Baths in Madrid – what else do I need to know?

  • THE RULE OF ABSOLUTE SILENCE MUST BE OBSERVED IN THE BATHS  – it is not only rude but counterproductive not to observe this, as silence is part of the treatment. Anyone shouting or even talking will be asked to leave immediately!
  • Remember to bring your swimsuit,
  • Flip flops or special footwear are not required

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