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Private class
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Qualified dance instructors
Central Madrid

Madrid Flamenco Class  – your private dance lesson

¡Olé! Get to the heart of Spanish culture with a private Madrid flamenco class. Your Spanish Flamenco teacher will explain the moves of the world’s most passionate dance at your own pace.   Our Madrid Flamenco class is fun, relaxed and informal, and go at a pace that will not leave anyone behind or feeling like a baby elephant! Your dance teacher will take you through all of the hand and arm movements, basic body posture, the idiosyncratic clapping, footwork, tapping, all coordinated with basic steps.

madrid flamenco classThis is a great exercise and a great warm up for an authentic passionate Madrileña night out! By the end, you will appreciate and understand the intricacies of this ancient dance. You will know the steps, and most importantly, will be able to make the claqué sounds, hand movements, and the all-important pose that seems to declare to all-comers: “¡Vete a hacer puñetas!” (we’ll explain that one after a few sherries).  Most of all, you will have had a great laugh (except for those of you who were rubbish and can expect only abuse from the rest of the girls…)

Flamenco Dance Footwear – get the right shoes for your class

Make sure you get the most from the class, and avoid injury, by getting the clothing right. Dresses, skirts and loose trousers are great, and the footwear is essential. Wearing the right shoes and remember the heels are important to get that real flamenco sound. There’s nothing more uninspiring than a Flamenco dancer in flip flops or flats, so get it right and avoid being thrown out of the Sevilla Cigarette factory…  below are some tips from our Flamenco experts:

Flamenco Shoes 2

We know you love tottering around on them, but…AVOID HIGH HEELS, ESPECIALLY STILLETOS! Not only do these limit the Flamenco steps you can learn, they can also be dangerous!

IDEALLY, WEAR STURDY LOW-HEELED SHOES- these support your ankles and make the heel actions easier. Now you are worthy of a little respect down Andalucia way… If in doubt wear a pair of boots. Chunky low BOOTS WITH STURDY HEELS ARE PREFERABLE TO HIGH HEELS! At least you can stamp with confidence. Or storm out of the studio in scandalous fashion, as if slighted.

Flamenco Shoes 1Flamenco Shoes 3Flamenco Shoes 4

Madrid Flamenco Class -Typical schedule

  • Madrid Flamenco ShowAll of these timings are ultra-flexible as long as you are booking in advance!
  • 1515: We’ll meet up at a central point in Central Madrid and escort you to the city centre Flamenco school.
  • 1600: Flamenco Class begins – we move at a pace you dictate!
  • 1730: Class ends and on the way back to change before the big Flamenco night out

Private Dance Classes in Madrid – What is included

  • Our monitor – a professional expert Flamenco teacher.
  • Your own session at a private dance School.
  • We’ll give you tips on where to watch a real Flamenco show in Madrid, the capital of authentic Flamenco.

What else do I need to know about the Madrid Flamenco class ?

  • See the note above on what to wear on your feet: use shoes that support your feet and ankles, no stilleto heels. Flip-flops are a total no-no!
  • Sturdy heels will help you make the right stamping sounds, and that is half the battle!
  • Let us know if you’d like to arrange a Flamenco Dancing Night out to practice your moves!

How can I book or find out more?