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Dress rules apply
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Casino Madrid – your luck’s in…(maybe)!

Roll the dice! Swap Boddingtons for Bollinger and forget the online Poker rooms, this is the full Monte Carlo ! It’s time to don the white dinner jacket, the Omar Sharif cummerbund and try your “suerte”. After all, you are about to be cleaned out, so why not do it in style and head for Madrid Casino Real ?

Our casino Madrid trip takes you to one of Madrid’s poshest building. Here in the upper echelons of Madrid’s society of hedonists you might just spy a Real Madrid star partying. They all love a flutter or twelve, and on their tattooed arm a leggy blonde accessory de turno. You may just spy Real stars, both clapped-out and current, such as Cristiano, Pepe, Sergio or Casillas deftly shoulder-charging a leggy Spanish brunette as she drops some of their chips idly on a roulette table.

casino madridcasino madridcasino madrid

You might even catch the ghost of Mou poking one of the croupiers (…in the eye). And if roulette doesn’t spin your wheel, try the Black Jack table, take a few craps, poker or even the one-arm bandits if you’re really out of your depth. The Casino Madrid experience provides a truly classy way to get rid of those funny Euro notes. Although…you just might get lucky! Your guide will be there to make suggestions about nightlife options after the casino (see Suggestions).

Madrid casinoIn the great tradition of high-class casinos the world over, at the end the evening you’ll likely be styling yourself as the somewhat dishevelled romantic type, a nightlife buccaneer down on his luck. Shaken, stirred, cravat untied, think of a classy after-shave ad with Jude Law or Mr Brosnan. But Pierce-takes aside, as long as you haven’t lost your shirt – afterwards you’ll fall into the arms of Lady Madrid who’ll welcome you back to a bar or club, no matter the hour.

Remember that the Casino Madrid’s dress rules are important (see “What else do I need to know” below).

Madrid casino night

Casino Madrid – typical schedule

  • 21:00 Your guide meets you at your hotel and escorts you to Casino Madrid (very central)
  • 21:30 After the entry formalities, check out what’s on offer on all the floors of the casino and multiple playing opportunities. The reasonably priced and stylish bar should also catch your fancy!
  • Afterwards, our guide will be there to recommend the best places for you to spend your winnings!

Casino in Madrid – what is included

  • Entrance to Casino
  • Dinner and drinks is option: ask us about what is on offer!
  • Our local rep who will help you find a suitable spot to spend your winnings and continue the night’s entertainment!
  • This includes free night club entrance at a recommended Madrid hot spot!

Night at Casino Madrid – What else do I need to know?

  • CASINO DRESS RULES are applied strictly: Jackets must be worn (with buttons, sports jacket style) – but this varies with the season – ask us!
  • They can also be hired. No-one wearing sports shoes will be admitted. (i.e. no trainers) Passports must be shown on entrance (legal requirement that will not be skipped under any circumstances).

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