• Madrid StagBook a package, feel no pain
  • Madrid Matador Baby bull fighting with 2 nights hotel from £125
  • Madrid NightsBest boozers and clubs from £75
  • Madrid Playersincluding a REAL Madrid football match from £115
  • Madrid Fans Packagefrom £99 inc Real Madrid stadium visit
  • Madrid Jet Skisumer water sports inc hotel from £165
  • Madrid Stag Packagesthe boys will love Madrid

Madrid Stag Weekend Packages

Party animal on Madrid stag weekend ? Football fans ? Be a galactico, come and play in Madrid. Madrid is the city of 40,000 bars and 11 European Champions Trophies.  Our packages make it easy to assemble a top trip from the dazzling range of bars, clubs, hotels and activities.

All of our Madrid stag weekend packages include two accommodation in recommended central hotels or apartments, and a boozy first night of bars and clubbing. Our guides will make sure you work the place out.


How to book a Madrid stag weekend – in 2 easy steps !

In the city of 40,000 bars,  it’s actually pretty easy. Sort the basics first then build. Our packages make the choices pain-free.  They are organised by people who actually live in Madrid and know the location.

Step 1: Sort out the basics

Let’s face it, you’ll need a decent place to stay, and somewhere to get drunk.  Our team’s local knowledge will show you the way.  Your first objective is therefore covered. You will avoid public pillory and heavy abuse from all of your mates, relatives and in-laws. Then you can relax a bit.

Step 2: Add something extra.

It’s then up to you whether you just settle for the basic package and let the boys improvise (…their way into trouble) while on the hoof, or whether you sprinkle in a few delectable garnishment or two to cook up a real gourmet

Speak to someone who actually knows Madrid well (duh!)

Madrid stag weekendWe reckon that’s about all the advice you need for your Madrid stag weekend. The choices sometimes depend on things like the time of year, bank holidays, whether Real or Atletico Madrid are playing at home… We’ll make sure you get all the relevant details on these matters.

All of our packages are tried and trusted, you can read feedback from past customers in the box to the side of this page (or below, if you are using a smartphone or tablet).  Any questions or fine-tuning we will hep you with, just let our team know what you want.

Choose a package and let us know. If you need to make tweaks or changes we’ll guide you through that and let you know if there are any adjustments to price and conditions. Use our contact form, or hit the red “BOOK” button.

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