See Madrid with beers!
1 litre beer or open bar
Approx 50 minute trip
Sound system and "driver" included

Madrid Beer Bike – your pedal-powered booze-wagon…

Tired of cycling to the pub ? Why not bring the pub to your cycle!   In the encyclopedia of unusual transportation, you’ll find this one under “Pisshead Perambulation”.  It may not be as chic or speedy as a Ferrari, but there are few better ways to move around the scenic centre of Madrid guzzling down the sights and imbibing the rich cultural heritage of the Spanish capital, while getting it down your neck, big time

Beer Bike MadridMadrid beer bikeMadrid Beer Bike

Cerveza cyclists, hit the saddle! This Madrid Beer Bike activity is as gruelling a bike race for plucky stags and hens as you’ll find.  It is not uncommon to see competitors brought to their knees by the end, some even vomiting with the exertion having given their all, exhausted, punctured, but true to the Olympic ideal. You’ll definitely want to make sure you arrive well loosened and limbered up for and Madrid beer bike challenge.  And there’s bound to be at least one of your group who’ll emerge with the yellow jersey  (possibly a remnant of the mustard from your Big Mac brekky just before climbing into the saddle).

Take the beer to the bike

This must be the way Sir Chris Hoy and Bradley Wiggins  would have their boozers if they could choose. The Madrid beer bike event is a heady mix of peddaling and pumping. The squeak of cog and chain combines  with the wheezing and slurping of the participants and the odd sing-song as you travel smoothly past the impressive monuments, statues and boulevards that Madrid has to offer its visitors. These are all-too-often overlooked by pie-eyed  stag weekend and hen do groups.  Those of you who’ve heard about those daunting continental cycle routes can rest assured however, that there is no mountain stage.  YET.

Madrid Beer Bike

Madrid Beer Bike – Typical schedule:

  • There are several starting times available from 10 am to 10 pm.
  • Usually midday or afternoon times work best. We will recommend a route that takes you safely round most of the tourist sights of central Madrid.
  • The activity lasts approximately 50 minutes

Cerveza Cycling in Madrid – What is included:

  • There are three drink options available: 1 litre of beer per person, 1 litre of sangria per person, open bar for beer or open bar for beer sangria and soft-drinks.
  • A beer wagon mein host who will pump you through your paces as you pedal past the pomp and circumstance of Old Madrid.

Beer on Wheels – What else do I need to know?

  • Madrid Beer Bike is available for group sizes of 6-36.
  • Yes, don’t worry that means drinks too!
  • Remember it’s hot in Madrid especially in the summer months. The beer will keep you cool and refreshed but you may want to bring along some shades and a hat (otherwise you might look a bit of a pillock).
  • Price depends on your group size and the time of year. Usually the “lager” (geddit?) your group the less you will each pay.

How can I book Madrid Beer Bike?