Team Challenge
With Ipads
About 2 hours
Instructions and actors

Corporate events in Madrid – Tablet Tour

You are looking for a team-building activity in Madrid? Then discover our most successful corporate event in Madrid – our Tablet Tour offers you a variety of challenges and combines sightseeing with fun. We can cater of all group sizes up to 150 people – so if you are in Madrid with your company or just want to spend some quality time with your friends, this activity is for you!

Corporate events in Madrid - Tablet TourCorporate events in Madrid - Tablet TourCorporate events in Madrid - Tablet Tour

Run through the streets of Madrid and solve problems, discover sights, take pictures and create fun videos! Our corporate events in Madrid are ideal for every company who wants to enjoy a fun day out and bring your employees closer together. The teams play against each other, see which group is the quickest! They deserve something special.

If you like you can book additional actors for the tour, they will appear and impersonate famous characters that will help or confuse the participants during their challenge.

Corporate events in Madrid – Typical schedule of the Tablet Tour

  • Corporate events in Madrid - Tablet Tour11:00 We meet you in your hotel or a central meeting room where your team will receive a briefing and all the instructions.
  • 11:20 Each team begins with the challenge. Solve problems, take pictures and videos and answer questions!
  • 13:00 Your teams will get back to the starting point, see who is back first with all the achieved challenges!
  • 14:00 Head out for a great lunch in Madrid, if you need help with booking a restaurant, let us know!

Corporate events in Madrid – What is included in the Tablet Tour?

  • Itinerary design and permits
  • Presentation by actors and instructions
  • 1 IPad per team with the activity app
  • Maps, clues, tests
  • Certificates and diplomas
  • About 1.5 to 2 hour challenge depending on how fast you are

What else do I need to know about corporate events in Madrid?

  • If you are looking for an additional activity, check out our Escape Room in Madrid!
  • You can book additional actors with the activity who will appear during the game.
  • If you would like to include a lunch or tapas during the event, let us know.
  • We will send you the pictures and videos after the event so you can later sit together and have a look at your funny pictures.

How can I book corporate events in Madrid?