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Madrid Baby Bull Running

Madrid Baby Bull running is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a very traditional, uniquely Spanish way to celebrate a special occasion. And to get a horn perilously near your bottom before enjoying a full lunch and drinks…


Forget Pamplona’s San Fermin Festival, no animals are harmed here, and being Spain, the whole thing is resolved in the afternoon sun with copious measures of food, wine and bull stories.

Welcome to a real bull-running capea. A Fiesta in the afternoon sun!

You’ll spend at least one hour fighting (or actually running away from) a fearsome baby bull or cow. For stag group organisers who want to bathe in the respect and admiration of their group (admit it, that’s you) Madrid baby bull running has to be the best stag activity in Spain.

Madrid baby bull running Madrid baby bull running afternoonCome to Madrid Baby Bull Running

Madrid Baby Bulls put your manhood to the test- but so does wrestling a stripper in chocolate…

Our Bull Running package includes a great Spanish BBQ sitting outdoors including beer and wine. For a little extra we can include a round of hilarious group games like Human Table Football, and  trick Tricycles- even the most moderate stag matadors are unlikely to be able to drive straight. And…don’t forget we can add on hilarious extras like chocolate mud wrestling…as a dessert.

Madrid Bull Running activity

Madrid Running the Bulls- schedule (total approx. 5 hours):

  • 1300: Pick up time at hotel
  • 1330: Arrive at the bull ring. Have a drink on the house and think about what lies ahead (not wearing anything red are you!)
  • 1400: Bring on the Bulls…you’ll be spurred into action by the bull running staff (and the bull)…
  • 1500: A delicious BBQ lunch with copious wine or beer
  • 1700: Back on the bus for the hotel

Madrid Baby Bull running package- what is included:

  • Return private coach travel with our rep
  • Safety information and briefing.
  • One hour of bull running with a monitor and several fearsome thoroughbred animals.
  • Drinks on arrival before the bull running to loosen up, and a full Spanish BBQ with beer and wine afterwards.
  • Other groups games like human table football, trick cycles and archery can be added (at an additional cost).
  • Or, if you fancy really giving the horn to the stag, organise a chocolate mud wrestle  on-site, with two strippers…you know that makes sense!

Bull Run in Madrid- what else do I need to know?

  • This activity usually takes place on Saturdays but Fridays,  Sundays and other days are also possible depending on your group size.
  • Our Baby Bull running is carried out with a young cow or bull. This is not mortally dangerous like “real” bull sports. The animal is not hurt.
  • Participants must be prudent and sober however, as there is a risk of bruising and accidents like falling and twisting an ankle.
  • Sturdy training shoes should be worn.

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