Transfer with our Guide
2 hours Kayak Polo
All equipment and briefing
Drinks and snacks available

Competitive Kayaking in Madrid

Bring a competitive edge to Kayaking in Madrid. You’ll play a game of polo from kayaks and have an enormous laugh trying to balance in the water. With our Madrid kayak activity, if you are the stag, you can expect to be ducked a few times, or maybe even tackled by a duck or two.

Madrid Kayak PoloMadrid Kayak PoloMadrid Kayak Polo

This version of kayaking causes a big splash with all of our groups. The more the game absorbs you, and the more water your clothing absorbs, the less you remember to keep your balance….and at the end only a few brave (and lucky) souls may remain dry. Our kayaking experience is played in the sports lake of a the elegant and Casa de Campo park near central Madrid, with its spectacular views of the Old Town Madrid. It a quick trip and a good place to sit around having a beer in the sunshine afterwards. Our guide will make a few suggestions in that line.

Madrid Kayak Polo – did you know ?

  • Although relatively rare un the UK, Kayak polo is a serious sport with a World Championship and an agenda to be included in the Olympics
  • It could be described as a combination of basketball, water polo and canoeing. There are usually 2 teams of 5 players (we’ll adapt that to suite your group size) – using kayaks of approx 3 metres length.
  • The objective is to score more goals than the other team (and to be less water-logged…). You score in basketball-type goals elevated above the water.
  • The good news for relatively initiated groups is that the canoes are great for shielding the ball, and you’ll be glad to hear you can “stick your oar in”  – you can pass using your hands, or the oars.
  • However, the bad news for the amphibious duffers among you, is that you’re gonna get well wet….
  • Max possession is of the ball is 5 seconds, at which point many players of dubious skill levels tend to propel the ball “up the pitch” and give chase – a tactic a waterborne Roy Hodgson might well approve of…
  • All in all an easy activity for your hen or stag group to get to grips with – both gals and geysers will have a whale of a time!

Madrid Kayak Polo

Madrid Kayak – Typical schedule (3 hours)

  • 1130: Pick up time at hotel
  • 1200: Begin kayak polo
  • 1400: A quick beer at the lakeside bar?
  • 1500: Back at the hotel!

Kayaking in Madrid – What is included

  • Short trip from central Madrid with Public transport (included in price) to nearby park for kayaking.
  • Guide + instructor. 1-5 hours of competitive (and hilarious) kayak polo.
  • Return public transport with guide.

What else do I need to know?

  • You need your swim suit!
  • Available Fridays and Saturday till midday only
  • Drinks and snacks available on-site
  • Combines well with a visit to the nearby Swimming Pool (ask us)

How can I book Madrid Kayak Polo?