Clothing and equipment supplied
Transport from Central Madrid with our guide
Full instruction on how to shoot

Laser Gun Game in Madrid

It’s ciber pop guns! Get your laser guns and all the equipment to zap your pals on a rugged battlefield in the Madrid hills. This is the belicose way to go ciber-bonkers!

Madrid Laser CombatMadrid Laser CombatMadrid Laser Combat

You could say this is a high-tech, if slightly less colourful, version of paintball, without the paint. The laughs are the same though as you train a laser gun on your unsuspecting pals and shoot them from virtually anywhere. In this madrid laser combat activity the laser rays have a surprisingly long range, meaning you can tuck yourself away in one of the many natural hidey-holes in the authentic adventure field, and be the scourge of the group.

Laser sensors on your overalls detect when you have been hit, and your laser gun can be reloaded (provided you are “playing the game”). Our instructors will put you through your paces with several different game formats. This is like paintball but using laser guns! So nobody gets splashed with paint or bruised by the paint balls.

Madrid Laser Combat

Madrid Laser Combat – typical schedule (approx 4 hours)

  • Madrid Laser Combat1100: Pick up at your hotel
  • 1200: After pulling on your camouflaged overalls, and a full briefing from the monitor, the laser game commences.
  • 1400: Maybe time to down arms, call a cease-fire and get a beer or two!
  • 1500 approx: back at hotel
  • This gives a rough idea of timings,  other slots are also available.

Laser Guns Strategic Games in Madrid – what is included

  • Return Coach Travel
  • An english speaking guide
  • All equipment required
  • Laser guns and an instructor
  • You’ll play Madrid Laser combat for around 2 hours

Team Building Laser Guns Games – What else do I need to know?

  • Use sturdy shoes or trainers, this is rough terrain.
  • Depending on the time of year, this may not be available on Sundays – ask us!

How can I book a Madrid Laser Combat?