Nude ladies
Enough Said?

Mud Wrestling in Madrid

Mud wrestling in Madrid just about the limit. If what you are aiming for is to really stitch up the stag,  you’ll really want to look at dropping him in this one.  With only a couple of naked ladies to help him out (or stay in actually)

Can you see the poor chap being beefed around in a paddling pool full of chocolate or oil by a couple of fit, naked Spanish girls as he flops and flounders around, literally UNABLE TO GET A GRIP ? Welcome to mud wrestling in Madrid.

Do you have a Yorkie in your pocket or just a sweet tooth?

Whether you’re a Cadbury’s or Nestlé man, this human brownie is just for your. Forget the Marquis of Queensberry rules, even Mick McManus or El Rey Misterioso  would be counted out on a submission.


Madrid Mud wrestlingMud wrestling in MadridMud wrestling in Madrid daytime bbr

Embarrassing practical joke for the stag or hen? You bet!

Giles was fantastic at not letting on and when the girls started to strip the stag off and pull him in to the pool of chocolate I knew it was job  done…Martin, Madrid stag do, July 2016

A fight to the death in gooey chocolate

This one ranks amongst the great Stag pranks and the startlingly bad predicaments. If you have really got it in for him though, you may also want to consider something equally horrendous involving dwarves, fake drug busts, ladies of the night (real or staged and some of them not really ladies…) and the like.

Let us know the type of stag prank you are looking for and we’ll make suggestions. Our travel advisors have been around the block (most working as guides on stag and hen do’s)- so don’t be shy!

Mud wrestling in Madrid with 2 strippers

Who can mud wrestle in Madrid? Stags or hens! 

This is a participant activity for hens and a spectator activity for stags: although the two do not usually coincide in the same event unless by common consent!

Stags: this one for all red-blooded chocolate lovers. Watch our dancers wrestle in the chocolate mud, in front of your eyes. This is one calorie-packed dessert. A Madrid activity where you won’t feel the need to stop for a Mars Bar.

Hens: this is one dancing activity you may not have tried! Learn the arts of mud wrestling, but in chocolate! It’s sweet and gooey, but an unforgettable chocolate experience that is arguably a nourishing boon for the skin.

Where can I do this activity?

Many of our groups book a chocolate mud wrestle for after their Baby Bull Running event. The two go together and it’s a bit like having a very rich pudding after your beefy main course. But we can also arrange this activity at several other places including on a Madrid Bar Crawl.

How can I book or find out more?