Excellent workout
Great Fun
Brilliant Photos
Laughs that last the weekend
Get ab-zorbed!

Zorb Football

Don’t let organising a stag or hen do burst your bubble! Book Zorb Football with The Spain Event in the safe knowledge that we will have everyone rolling around on the ground in fits of laughter!

Zorb FootballThis hilarious activity is becoming increasingly popular among not only our stag groups but also our hens… It is good exercise, great fun and a really unique activity that will give you plenty of laughable moments and awesome photo opportunities!

And don’t worry if you are not that interested in football, because this is just one of the many games we play. The fun behind the zorbs is watching people trying to run without using their arms or just trying to knock over other people and see them bounce down the sideline without causing them the slightest bit of harm!

And it’s not just Zorb Football…

Here are just a few of the games we play with our groups:

  • Madrid Zorb Football Bubble Trouble: Everyone stands in a circle without a ball and waits for the whistle. Then all you have to do is knock everyone else off their feet! Last person standing wins!
  • Follow the leader: Played like American Football, you have to protect your leader who takes the ball inside his or her zorb and tries to make the “end zone” while the opposition try to knock the leader over before they get there.
  • Sumo Zorbing: Two players in their bubbles in a ring. The objective? Push your opponent out of the ring.
  • Bubble Bowling: One player acts as the bowling ball and the rest are pins. The “ball” will run at the “pins” set up in a diamond and try to knock over as many as he or she can. Everyone tries and the one who knocks over the most wins.
  • Call my number: Every player in each team is assigned a number from 1 to 5 say. We put a ball in the middle of the pitch and the players on the sidelines opposite each other. A number is called and each person with that number from each team runs out to try and get to the ball first… sounds easy, but trying running without being able to use your arms!
  • Zorb Conga Line: one player stands in the middle of the pitch and tries to knock over the players that try to cross to the other end. Those he knocks over join him in a chain to block the remaining players.

Madrid Zorb Football

Madrid Bubble SoccerMadrid Zorb Football: Typical schedule

  • 13:30 – Our guide meets you at your accommodation and accompanies you on public transport to the venue
  • 13:45 – Get zorbed up and begin playing games
  • 15:00 – Games end.
  • 15:30 – You are back at your hotel
  • Times are flexible, so let us know if you need different timings

Madrid Zorb Football – What is included

  • Public transport to the venue , if you prefer private transfers, let us know.
  • A Spanish and English-speaking guide.
  • 1 hour of bubble football and games.
  • The Zorbs!
  • Pitch hire.
  • Sports equipment (bibs and balls).
  • Changing rooms and showers.

How can I book Zorb Football?