Zorbing in Madrid –  it’s all getting a bit silly…

Zorbing is maybe the only sport you can play face first, feet first, sitting down, standing up and backwards. Zorb or sphering on a stag or hen trip to Madrid is the silliest, but most exhilarating activity of them all. And you might be mistaken for thinking it’s all going down hill from here on…


Feeling good about that breakfast? Read on…

You’ll be harnessed into a big inflatable ball, about three metres in diameter, with a copious cushion of air between you and the ground. Then you’ll be chucked down a hill, reaching speeds of up to 50km per hour on a 200m tumble. You’ll feel the G-forces as you go head over heels with the true zorbonaut’s sensation of weightlessness from the tops of the zorb, with the alternating view of Madrid’s blue sky then the green grass one after the other, as you go sphering down the hill in 3D and 360 degrees.

Queezy? A wee bit…. Daft? I must be!

Unusual Stag and Hen Activities in Madrid ? – this is one!

For those who want the only adrenaline-surge water sport on dry land, try the Water Zorb. In Hydrozorbing you are not harnessed, but supported by water, and you can run, tumble, or slide inside the ball. Whether it’s a sauna-like hot wash or a bracing cold rinse, you’ll certainly come out of the spin cycle feeling renewed. You can also double up with one of your mates in a Two-Man Zorb – this is not only a great bonding experience, but a good way of seeing how stupid you look too! If you view this all as just, eh merely abzorb, you’re still right. It’s all 100% safe!

Zorbing in Madrid – Typical schedule (total time depends on group size)

  • zorbing in MadridPick up time: 1130 approx. Our guide will be there at your hotel (trying not to snigger) to escort you to your private coach or minibus for the short transit to the zorb location near Madrid.
  • Begin zorbing: 1215. Your session of tumbling begins and you’ll all roll down the hill at least once…some suckers for punishment will opt for another go..
  • Coach return to hotel: 1415.
  • Zorbing in Madrid is available all year

Madrid Sphering and Zorbing – what is included

  • Private coach travel, our rep. and a professional instructor.
  • One zorb ride per person (approx. 200 m) using single and two-man zorbs with all safety features.
  • Extra rides are available on-site for an additional fee.
  • Water zorbing is an even more ludicrous version – it’s fun but costs a little extra.

Madrid Zorbing – What else do I need to know?

  • There are restrictions depending on weight and height:  max. weight is 115 kg (250lbs), and max. height is 2m (6ft 4ins).
  • Swim suits are required for water zorbing.
  • Sports shoes should be worn.
  • This activity combines well with sumo wrestling and chocolate mud wrestling – this also very silly activities, so ask us about those too!