Chilled beer on tap!
Play the tunes you want
You provide the pedal power, we provide the beer!
Bikes for up to 18 people!

Get Sozzled on the Magaluf Beer Bike!

One of our most popular activities, the Magaluf Beer Bike is ready for your crew of to climb aboard! Imagine your very own pedal-pub- tour the sights, cruise the beachfront in style, all while enjoying the sudsy beer on tap! King Ferdinand never had it as good as this. If Salvador Dali was alive today, we are sure he would sign on for a Beer Bike tour with his mates. The party starts when our private transport takes you to the Beer Bike Centre, and then with our guide/driver you take off into the blue yonder with your own mobile bar, flowing beer and party tunes! Get in there!

Magaluf Beer Bike Magaluf Beer Bike Magaluf Beer bike

Take your party up a gear! The Magaluf Beer Bike is going to get your Stag or Hen group pumping. Enjoy the sights, drink beer in perhaps the most unusual way imaginable and play the tunes you love! outfitted with a surround-sound system and USB inputs you can play the songs you want! Have your gang belt out Madonna as you pedal around in public – you know you want to! For added effect, dress up the Stag or Hen to ensure maximum silliness…oh the photos that will be shared far and wide! Our custom beer bikes can accommodate groups of up to 18 people – or book two bikes and race ’em! For night-time beer biking, our beer bikes are equipped with an lightshow for that party at the club feeling! Make the most of your trip and hop onto a Magaluf Beer Bike – Make your Stag or Hen-do epic!

Drive yourself to drink!

Do Magaluf right! Pedal your way around the city on your own personal pedal-powered pub! Take a pedal-pub tour of Magaluf and see the Balearic Island of Mallorca through beer-soaked goggles on your very own mobile bicycle-bar!. You and your group of up to 18 cyclists will enjoy our fully equipped beer bike: tunes, a bar to rest on….and chilled beer on tap and at your fingertips! Get your group onto the Magaluf Beer Bike and make your trip to Mallorca memorable – get your Beer Bike party started!

Magaluf Beer Bike – read what our customers think

“Riding around on the Beer Bike was really great! We had a blast singing and drinking and pedalling. Our driver took us past the beaches so we could have a gander at everybody – and we had the Stag dressed like a giant Smurf, so everybody on the beach had a good laugh. Thanks for a great afternoon.” – Steve, Organiser of a nine person Stag-do, Hereford, 2015

Beer Bike Magaluf Style! – typical schedule 

  • Choose from several different starting times between 10 am to 10 pm.
  • Usually midday or afternoon times work best…time enough to sleep in, for starters!
  • You can hire the beer bike for 1 hour, 1.5 hours or 2 hours

Magaluf Beer Bike – what is included

  • Private transport directly from your hotel to the Beer Bike….and return transport back afterwards too!
  • Beer on tap for you and your mates!!
  • Sound system, lighting equipment with CD and USB inputs so you can play your own music – and maybe a few cheesy tunes to embarrass the stag or hen!
  • luggage storage for backpacks and odds and ends…
  • An onboard English-speaking guide to drive you around Magaluf….and you provide the pedal power
  • Weather-protected beer-bike
  • Insurance for damages

Beer Bike in Magaluf – what else do I need to know?

  • The Magaluf Beer Bike is available for groups of up to 18 people!
  • Remember it’s hot in Magaluf, especially in the summer months. The beer will keep you cool and refreshed but bring along some sun cream, sunnies and a hat (otherwise you might look like a bit of a wally) – you can of course dress the stag or hen up to look like a complete plonker.
  • Price depends on your group size and the time of year. The larger your group, the less you pay.

How can I book a Magaluf Beer Bike?