High speed
Gorgeous waters
One of a kind ride!
Adrenaline packed!
Hold on tight!

Magaluf Boat Trips Adrenaline – wet and wild!

If you are looking for something different, that ticks all the exciting and thrilling boxes for your hen or stag do trip the this thrill-seeking Magaluf boat trips adrenaline ride will fit the bill. This awesome super fast boat can take up you and up to 11 of your mates, but be warned this is not for the faint hearted.

Once you are all aboard your Magaluf boat trips adrenaline adventure and strapped in the skipper will set off from the beautiful shoreline slicing through crystal clear waters. Then it’ll be time to hit the accelerator! This breathtaking ride will get your adrenaline soaring and banish any pesky hangovers from the night before.

On your Magaluf boat trips adrenaline journey once you have sped out to sea at an unbelievable speed the captain will give you and your by now wide-eyed, crazy grinning stag or hen do mates the signal. This particular signal will be the one that lets you know that you are about to do a 360 degree turn. Without breaking! As you spin round, zooming through the beautiful mediterranean waters surrounding you, your soaring high will get your hearts racing and your make you feel amazing on this Magaluf boat trips adrenaline rush of a ride.

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On the way back, just to keep things interesting, this crazy Magaluf boat trips adrenaline skipper will have one more treat in store for you. As per usual at full speed, the boat will stop, taking a nose drive into the clear blue water, refreshingly dunking you and your hen or stag do compatriots right in it, before heading back to shore.

So if you are looking for something to wake up those lagging mates and put a spring back into their step and get them ready for the next round then this activity is the way to do it! Stunning clear waters, a rocket fueled boat, wind in your hair and the adrenaline pumping. What’s not to love?

Magaluf Boat Trips Adrenaline: What’s included:

  • All safety equipment
  • A bright, brazen, booming jet boat
  • An experienced skipper to steer you full speed ahead

Magaluf Boat Trips Adrenaline: Typical Schedule:

  • 12:00 Our friendly guide will meet you at your accommodation and get you all to the departure point
  • 12:30 After a quick safety briefing you’ll all climb aboard and get ready to speed away
  • 13:00 You’ll be back on land shaken but not stirred, fit and ready to hit the beach bars and round 2!

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