Get your group looking incredible!
Your very own body-painting artist!
Artist comes to your accommodation

We’ve got you covered…in body paint!

You’ve come to make an impression. This Magaluf party isn’t going to be an ordinary Stag or Hen do. You want to remember it….and you want everyone else to remember it too! Whether it is just the Stag or Hen, or your whole mad group, some artful dollops of body paint are just the ticket to get you to stand out in a crowd.

People’s heads will turn when your crew rolls past, and that’s the point. Our Body Painting Artist comes right to your accommodation and transforms you into whatever you can think up. Beautiful, majestic or utterly daft-looking, what’s important is that you get to dress up (or dress up the Stag or Hen) the way that you want to.

Let your imagination run wild!

At BCM, one of the largest clubs in Magaluf, you’re going to want to take to the dancefloor looking incredible, whether it’s as a superhero or as a sexy mermaid, our Body Painting Artist can make it happen. Be shocking, be scandalous, be sexy, be stupid- whatever you can dream up (or whatever you can dream up to do to your Stag or Hen) our Artists will do their best to realise – it’s your party!

magaluf party magaluf partymagaluf party

Prices depend on the size of the bodypainting, and where on the body. These paintjobs look incredible – they’re not just going to slather it on- prepare to look eyecatching!

Make your Magaluf party complete…with body painting!

Brush up on your pickup lines! Who could say no to a guy dressed as a tiger? For the icing on the cake, make your Stag or Hen fiesta in Magaluf epic with your very own Body Painting Artist who comes to your accommodation and beautifies you the way you want. For a bit of extra fun there are body painting accessories like glitter lips, feather eyelashes and metallic tattoos just to make sure you look fabulous – the Stag is going to kill you!

Your photos that evening are going to be extra photogenic – there are going to be some (possibly humiliating!) photos to share for later! Whatever goes on, getting a professional to body paint one or all of your group is sure to add that extra oomph to your night to make it that much more crazy. Make your Magaluf Party insane!

“The Stag wanted all the lads to look like lions when we went out to the club, so that’s what we did. Sabrina did a great job of making sure we didn’t look like complete twats – and actually the night was crazy. We lost a few of our mates later, but they found their way back eventually.” – Mark, organiser of a nine-man stag-do, Manchester, 2015

Get your crew body-painted – typical schedule 

  • There is no typical schedule for this activity – the artist shows up at your accommodation ready to turn you all into whatever you want!

Your Very Own Body Painting Artist – what is included

  • Your very own body painting artist comes to your accommodation at the time of your choosing.
  • Prices are set depending on the size and place, with small face detail, half-face, full-face, half and full arm and whole body options!
  • Extra decoration such as glitter lips, feather eyelashes and metallic tattoos available!

Body Painting for the Magaluf Party – what else do I need to know?

  • Make sure at least ONE person in your group has their camara at the ready because there are going to be some memorable snaps and videos to share after this!
  • Of course, the paints used are vegetable based and non-toxic. For waterproof body-painting consult the artist on the day for options.
  • If you a re running around in the daytime with body-paint on, remember to put on some suncream or you might end up looking like a striped lobster!
  • What happens in Magaluf stays in Magaluf! 😉

How can I book body painting?