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Bubbly included
Sensual dance moves

Magaluf Pole Dance Class

Learn to pole dance in a Magaluf masterclass with an expert professional pole dancer. As attested by many of the Sex-in-the-city crowd and celebs like Kate Moss, Madonna and Rihanna, pole-dancing as a discipline, while still not in the Olympics (might happen) has really come out of the closet, slid down that pole, and taken its place with the great, hilarious group work-out lesson for hen do’s.

All the sensuality of the pole is yours for hen weekend in Majorca! A pole lesson is a gentle cardio workout comparable to a step or aerobic class, but what makes learning to pole dance perfect for a hen do is that this a sexy workout. You’ll feel  attractive, sexy and fit!  Our Magaluf pole dance session is a private session held in a genuine pole-dance club (or Magaluf dance studio) booked just for you.  You’ll practice the moves with an expert dance instructor, and have a glass of champagne or two to get the limbs (and tongues) loose and limbered up.

Magaluf pole-dancing party  Magaluf Pole Dance Party Magaluf Pole dancing

Pole Dance in Majorca – cool and mainstream

Pole dance in MagalufWith so much glam amongst the Hollywood (and Bollywood) famosas, this dance has lost its smack of the seedy back-streets and bawdy-houses of old.  The news is, it is now cool to pole dance and reap the benefits in feel-good factor and level of fitness. It’s a case of getting to grips with some simple firt moves, and pretty soon you’ll be fixing up a pole in your spare bedroom! The movements have exotic, and erotic titles and you’ll learn moves like the Fireman’s Move, the hook and the butterfly. Some of our diagrams on this page may help you get the idea….

Why book Pole dancing in Majorca with The Spain Event – a happy hen writes:

…my sister and all of us loved the cocktail it’s mohitos from now on back in Hull . The poledancing was brilliant, Vernioca was  great really funny and we all had a laugh, defo recommended!!!

Kez and sister (13 hens), UK May 2013.

Pole Party Mallorca – what is included

  • An expert English-speaking pole dance teacher.
  • Your own session at a private studio or pole dance club.
  • Two glasses of cava champagne each.

Magaluf Pole Dancing – what else do I need to know?

  • We recommend wearing comfortable shorts and a vest, trainers than can be removed (heels may not be permitted).
  • Bare legs are required to grip the pole so track suit pants you can remove at the studio are also a good idea.
  • Let us know if you’d like to visit a magaluf pole dancing club at night or if you’d like your dance session to be at a real pole dancing club !

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