Fantastic underground formation
Visit with a guide
Transport included
Flexible timings

Mallorca Caving- journey to the centre of the Earth!

Majorca cavingMallorca caving is a fabulous underground world and visit to Mallorca’s caves. This will bring you to a world of colours and shapes you cannot dream of.  The caves on Majorca are numerous and safe to visit, the island is ideal for caving (or potholing in the UK or spelunking in the USA). Caving is the adventure sport which consists in exploring non commercial and wild enclosure systems. The Island of Majorca is especially apt for this activity, with many spectacular sites.

Many caves have been created over the millenia in the Balearic Islands by the Mediterranean’s intrusion on dry land, with caves of depths of up to 25m and lengths of several kilometres !

Caves in Majorca – the famous Caves of Drach

Majorca’s most famous cave system is the Caves of Drach (or locally, Coves del Drac). These massive caves are a major tourist phenomenon in Majorca, including an underground lake 115 metres long, with a floating orchestra! If you’d like to visit the Caves of Drach, let us know.

Mallorca Caving – Typical schedule

  • 1000: We’ll collect you at your hotel.
  • 1140: Arrive at first caving spot, after a spectacular drive through the hills.
  • 1830: Back to your hotel

Caving in MallorcaMallorca cave visitMallorca caving

Visiting Mallorca Caves – What is included

  • Transport to the caving area with our guide
  • A qualified instructor will guide you
  • A picnic lunch with drinks and water.
  • A talk by your instructor on cave formation.

Cave Adventure – What else do I need to know?

  • This is a day excursion – it is well worth it, but we recommend that groups take the time required well into consideration, especially if planning a big night out the night before!
  • It is, physically, a fairly gentle experience, but the sights are marvellous, and you’ll have a chance for a great refreshing swim.
  • Wear swimming shorts (and bring a change), t-shirt, towel, in a bag to carry.
  • The glory of Mallorca caving is the Caves of Drach, a vast system of caves, now open to the public.  If you are looking for an organised tour to the Caves of Drach, contact us!

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