3.5 hour tour
BBQ included
Two-seater fun!
Glorious roads

Buggy Tour Mallorca

Sign up to drive your very own buggy! Drive the epic roads of sunny Mallorca and experience the fun of exploring the countryside in these little roadsters. You’re going to love their control and speed! Your buggy tour Mallorca awaits!

Make your trip to Mallorca epic! We’ve got our fleet of two-seaters waiting for your group. Our three hour tour with BBQ at the end is sure to be a highlight of your Spanish visit. Climb aboard!

Drive your buggy to the top gear and feel exhilaration under the Spanish sun!

With thrilling and scenic roads beckoning your buggy tour begins. Our English-speaking guide takes you to the curviest curves, beautiful mountain passes and coastal sights. James May is going to be pissed he missed this one!

buggy tour buggy tour buggy tour

Don’t miss the hidden gems of Mallorca….by buggy! The island of Mallorca awaits. Get out of town and see the world class landscape the way it’s meant to be explored. With the sun shining down and the engines revving, make your visit to Mallorca spectacular!

Those little buggys are fast! That was fun getting out on the winding roads of Mallorca. The weather was perfect – thanks for a great day! – David, Bristol 2016

The Mallorca Buggy Tour awaits – typical schedule 

  • You group is met at your accommodation by your transport
  • Arrive 20 minutes later and after a briefing begin your buggy tour!
  • 3 hours later arrive back at the Buggy Centre for a BBQ
  • Head home on our waiting transport

High-performance Buggy Tour – what is included

  • A two-seater buggy for you or a friend to drive
  • a 3.5 hour guided tour around Mallorca
  • A BBQ provided at a scenic location
  • transport to and from the start point

A Mallorca Buggy Tour?! what else do I need to know?!

  • Bring some suncream and sturdy shoes
  • You must bring your drivers license and passport

How can I book a Mallorca Buggy Tour?