90 minute class
English speaking instructor
Catch some sweet waves!
Lockers, onsite bar and free wifi!

Get Ready for some Surfing Action!

You haven’t come all the way to Mallorca  just to sit around the bars all day. You want to be able to go back home and say you’ve done something special – SURFING! We’ve got the waves, the equipment and the expertise to get you up and catching some waves with our 90-minute Mallorca Surfing Class. You’ll be saying aloha to epic rips and beautiful carving in no time! Surf like a dude and master the tides. There will certainly be some wipeouts but that’s all part of the journey in becoming the Big Kahuna (Great Wizard) of the ocean!

Mallorca Surfing class Mallorca Surfing class Mallorca Surfing class

Charlie DOES surf! Hang loose at our beachfront facility with lockers, free WIFI and a bar/restaurant before starting your 90-minute surfing class. Our English-speaking instructors are going to introduce you to the techniques and tricks to get you up on your surfboard in no time! Ride the tsunami and catch rogue waves to tubular Paradise! Start off small with bodysurfing and then take yourself all the way up to aerial heaven! You might even attract a little mermaid along the way! Climb aboard! 

‘Point Break’ meets Mallorca

Conditions are perfect! Your 90-minute surf class awaits your group. Make your event perfect and arrange for private transport to and from the venue as a low-cost add-on. Make your trip to Mallorca something spectacular and bring back some skillz and memories from the Mediterranean that will last a lifetime! When you’ve arrived back at your accommodation and you’re ready for more action we recommend setting off on the Mallorca Beer Bike! Pedal and chug yourself around the boardwalk of Palma while enjoying frosty suds and your very own mobile sound system! Whatever you do, make your trip to Mallorca spectacular!

Mallorca Surfing Class – read what our customers think

“None of us had ever surfed before, but the instructor had us on our feet in no time! The surfing facility is right on the beach and the waves were perfect. Well done, that was a great morning” – Graham, Norwich 2015

Mallorca Surfing Class – typical schedule  (90 minute class)

  • There is no typical schedule for this event – available between April and October, this event runs when you want it. Arrange for a private, 90 minute lesson with an English-speaking guide with a private transport  to and from the venue at a small additional cost so everything goes smoothly

Mallorca Surfing Class – what is included

  • All equipment…espceially the surfboard (!) and a wetsuit
  • An introduction/lesson on the beach and then continuous instruction out on the water
  • An English-speaking monitor
  • An option of private transport to and from the venue is available

page under construction- what else do I need to know?

  • The Mediterranean sun is stronger than you think! Slap on some sunscreen before you head out – the only lobsters you should see are for dinner!
  • Surfing is the ancient Hawaiian art of catching the waves – find your inner polynesian surfer dude!
  • It must be said that some minimal knowledge of how to swim is required for this activity

How can I book a Mallorca Surfing Class?