Zorb & pitch hire
Football & other games
Changing rooms and showers
Guide & public transport included

Palma Football in Bubbles !

The latest hit in Spain, Palma Bubble Football is a great laugh and exceptional value for money. So if you want to add a fun activity at little extra cost to your Mallorca stag, hen or corporate reward weekend, Palma Football in Bubbles should definitely be right at the top of your list!

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And Palma Football in Bubbles is not just kicking a ball about while running around haplessly in a plastic bubble bouncing off everything and everyone you encounter. While this also happens, our guide will also have you playing all sorts of other games too. You can team up and try to block someone from reaching one end of the pitch, sprint races where no rules apply and numerous other hilarious activities that will have you gasping for breath after a full hour of zorb antics.

And just to make things easier, our guide will meet you at your accommodation and accompany you on public transport to the venue for the activity. Not only that, you won’t have to worry about missing any of the action, because our guide will be there take photos of you all as you bounce around and off each other in all sorts of embarrassing positions! All in all, Palma Football in Bubbles is a tremendously enjoyable activity, which is why it is currently Number 1 at The Spain Event.

Palma Football in Bubbles – typical schedule

  • 12:30 – Our guide meets you at your accommodation
  • 12:50 – You arrive at the pitch and get zorbed up
  • 13:00 – The fun and games begin!
  • 14:00 – Time for a shower (and probably a beer!)
  • 15:00 – Back at your accommodation

Palma Football in Bubbles – what is included

  • Our guide to accompany you to the pitch (and take some choice pics)
  • Public transport
  • Zorb & Pitch Hire
  • Changing rooms & Showers

Palma Football in Bubbles – how do I book?