Professional dance instructor
Private studio
A glass of champagne & tapa
Latin beats

Palma Salsa Party – feel the rhythm take over!

Enjoy your own private sassy salsa dance class with this Palma salsa party and a professional salsa dance instructor. This class will get you and the rest of your hen do group shimmying, shaking and twirling what you’ve got to the rhythm of some infectious Latin beats.

Our fantastic, friendly Palma salsa party dance teacher will take you through all the paces and moves, even the ones who have two left feet, and make sure everyone is dancing to the sound of the right beat!

This great Palma salsa class is just for your group so no one will be left behind. Just let the rhythm guide you and step to the beat with the help of your passionate dance instructor, smiling faces and sexy moves guaranteed. You even get to wind down with a tantalising glass of bubbly and tapa at the end of the class. And remember as Gloria Estefan once said the rhythm is going to get you!

Palma Salsa PartyPalma Salsa PartyPalma Salsa Party

We all had so much fun doing the salsa class! Thank you so much for organising it! The teacher was brill and the hen loved it! Becky Matthews, Cambridge hen do

5 top tips for Palma salsa starters – from the professionals

Salsa dancing is loved by people all round the world for its sensual moves and beautiful music. Salsa is about the expressing the mind, body and spirit (rum, bacardi even vodka). It is about vitality and expressing passion and life. But don’t worry of you’ve never done it before, before you let the rhythm take you, here are some great tips from the experts:

  • It’s all about the lower body! – Salsa moves are expressed with the feet and legs so let them do all the talking
  • Hips, hips and more hips – your feet are connected to your legs, and your legs to your hips, so shake em!
  • Don’t forget about your arms! – lift them up to move along with your hips or they’ll just hang about with nothing to do!
  • Bootiliscious – curves rule in salsa so don’t be afraid to give them a shake!

Palma Salsa Party – What’s included:

  • 90-minute class
  • Expert dance instructor
  • Private studio
  • A drink (beer, wine or champagne) and a tapa at the end of the class

Palma Salsa Party – Typical schedule:

  • 15:45 Meet our lovely dance instructor and get ready to move in your own private dance studio
  • 16:00 The dancing, music and smiling begins
  • 17:30 You are now ready to strut your stuff at one of Palma’s top Latin night clubs!

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