Up to 1hr Bullfight
Stunning rural location
Private transfers with guide
Optional Lunch with free Bar
Adrenalin and unforgettable memories!

Spanish Bull Run in Majorca – Are you ready for your very own Bull Fight?


Do you have what it takes to face an actual bull? We admit – it is not fully grown yet, but fast and full of energy! You can wave your cape and the bull will come running. Your job is to get out of its way as fast as you possibly can. This is an extremely fun and exhausting activity that will leave you with a good amount of adrenalin in your body. You can dress up the stag in a flamenco-costume and have a laugh while running around with a real Spanish bull. 

This will be a day you will never forget – because this is a once, or maybe twice-in a lifetime event!

Spanish Bull RunSpanish Bull RunSpanish Bull Run

This quickly became one of our favorite activities. As it is action packed and includes a nice lunch as well. Take loads of pictures – or better ask your personal guide to do that for you. Your guide will also pick you up at your accommodation and make sure you get there – and back. After one hour of sprinting you surely will be happy about a nice meal and a comfortable transfer back to your hotel, where you can freshen up and get ready for a night out.

Spanish Bull Run in Majorca  – typical schedule

  • 1300: Our coach picks you up from your hotel
  • 1330: You arrive and will have a safety briefing
  • 1400: Time to face the bulls and start your own Spanish Bull Run
  • 1500: Relax and drink a few cold beers
  • 1530: Lunchtime (optional) – choose between various Tapas and BBQ, and you will an open bar!
  • 1630: Our coach takes you back to your hotel.

Spanish Bull Run in Majorca  – what is included

  • Private return coach transfers
  • One-hour baby bull running
  • Optional: Spanish Lunch with Tapas, BBQ and open bar
  • Expert monitor
  • if you want we can include an erotic show as well

Spanish Bull Run in Majorca – Important things to know

Spanish Bull RunBaby Bull Running is a fun but potentially injury-causing activity. We make sure all participants sign a disclaimer to the fact that they understand the risks. And this is not always due to the bulls, but rather to people falling over and spraining their ankles. Wearing suitable footwear is essential. Trainers are the best, while anyone in flip flops will not be allowed in the Bull Ring. Of course, anyone who is considered to have drunk too much prior to the event will not be allowed to participate.
All participants will receive a safety briefing before the activity as well as a demonstration of how to run the bulls.

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