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Your Very Own Photo Shoot! Ooh La La!

You’ve come all the way to Palma to celebrate! Commemorate your trip together in style with your very own Palma Photo Shoot! Our photographer gets you in the spirit of Vogue and will put together an album of super snaps that bring out your best sides! Palma makes the most beautiful backdrop for your Grazia-themed session, or if you prefer we’ve got a welcoming studio to put you all in the best light! Choose either a 90 minute photo shoot outdoors around the photogenic sites of Palma or 60 minutes in studio, where you can get a little wild and maybe even have a giggle with some sexy lingerie!

Palma Photo Shoot Palma Photo Shoot Palma Photo Shoot

Kate Moss, eat your heart out! Isn’t it time you grabbed the spotlight and felt like an A-list celeb for a little while? Your Very Own Photo Shoot will get your group into that red carpet feeling, with flashbulbs going off! Own the stage! Be the centre of attention! It’s all going to be worthwhile as your group and the photographer make some magic and get some truly memorable pics! What better way is there to remember your trip to Palma then by creating an incredible album of smiles and poses with your best friends? This unique event is catered to your group – if you have some ideas of what kinds of pics your group wants then just let our professional photographer know and he’ll try to make it happen!

Yeah, Baby, Yeah!

And……That’s a wrap! Whew, being a model is hard work! Now you deserve a treat with your mates – might we suggest changing the mood and hopping on a beer bike!? Now that you’ve all bonded together on the cover of Vogue, it’s time to get crazy on your custom-built beer bike where you pedal, chug, sing and party to the music…all at the same time! However, if you’re looking for something a bit less rowdy then hop on for our Palma Segway Tour and effortlessly float around the city in high-tech mode! If it’s more of a challenge you’re looking for then your group will love the Palma Escape Rooms! Discover your inner Shewrlock Holmes as you find the clues and solve the puzzles so you can escape in under 60 minutes from our classy themed Escape Rooms! Whatever you do, make your trip to Palma epic!

Your very Own Palma Photo Shoot – read what our customers think

“That was a really fun way to get some really amazing pictures of our Hen with all of us. If we hadn’t done this we would not have had a chance to get so many pictures together! The Hen was really happy that she got such a great album at the end!” – Beth, organiser of an 9-person Hen trip, Portsmouth, 2015

Your Very Own Palma Photo Shoot – typical schedule 

  • The photo shoot happens when you want it! The photographer has very flexible hours.  The outdoor event takes place over 1.5 hours around the photogenic sights of Palma. The photographer can arrange to meet your group at a specific location of your choosing rather than the studio if that is your preference.

Palma Photo Shoot – what is included

  • 1.5 hours of outdoor photography time or 1 hour in a studio with a professional photographer
  • 1 CD with high definition pics of the session.

Palma Photo Shoot what else do I need to know?

  • If you choose the studio option break out the sexy lingerie for some sassy, sexy pics!
  • The photographer is there to help you get you want – tell them what kinds of shots you are interested in and they’ll try to oblige!
  • The camera loves you, baby! Be a tiger! Make some memories!

How can I book a Palma Photo Shoot?