All you can drink beer, wine and sangria with dinner
Cheeky waitresses!
A striptease!
Free club entry + mojito

A Stag Fiesta Extravaganza!

You’ve come all this way to the Magaluf Palma area with your crew of lads for a Stag fiesta to remember. The Spain Event has got your interests at heart with our classic Stag night sure to leave some lasting memories. Start off with a steak dinner served by our team of sexy waitresses! We make sure the boys are kept entertained while they eat…especially with the all you can drink beer/wine and sangria which comes with the meal.  That will help with the festive spirit! Dessert? Oh yes, and at just that moment enjoy a striptease from one of our hot Spanish girls who really know how to move….and undress! The night is young and the Stag fiesta has just begun!

Magaluf Palma magaluf palma magaluf palma

Palma is one of those wild Spanish cities that knows how to have a good time. The whole island of Mallorca is a world-famous hotspot for epic parties, booze-filled mayhem and whitesand beaches. Let’s get ready for some of that! You’ve had your meal served with naughty waitresses, gotten warmed up all you can drink beer and wine and taken in the sights of our sexy striptease! Now take your gang over to Club Mokai for free entry and a free Mojito! Dance (and drink!) the night away at one of Palma’s biggest clubs. Get in there! 

The perfect occasion for your unhinged group

It’s important to make the most of your visit to the islands of Spain, and that’s why The Spain Event takes care of the details so you can concentrate on celebrating. We make all the arrangements so you can really let loose. Make your trip to Palma totally unforgettable and sign on for a day of Baby-bull running! Enter the ring with a real live bull with all your mates and face off with a little toro! Curious? It is incredible.

Stag Fiesta Magaluf Palma – read what our customers think

“The guys really wanted a special evening and the Stag fiesta was perfect. The waitresses were hot and the striptease put a smile on the Stags face. We took full advantage of the open bar and later at the club everything was heaving. Thanks for organising things” – Greg, organiser of a 12 person Stag-do, Milton Keynes 2015

Stag Fiesta in Palma – typical schedule 

  • 21:30 Your herd of stags arrives at the restaurant (dinner starts later in Spain). Enjoy an welcome glass of cava, get served by naughty waitresses and partake of the all you can drink open bar!
  • 23:00 as you enjoy your dessert the striptease begins
  • 24:00 Get yourselves over to Club Mokai (the hottest club in the Magaluf Palma area) for your free mojito and then party until sunrise!

Stag Fiesta in Palma – what is included

  • Welcome glass of cava (that’s Spanish Champagne to you and me)
  • Dinner with pasta salad, hake or beef steak with chips/salad, dessert
  • Open bar during dinner for wine, beer, sangria and soft drinks
  • Naughty waitresses to serve you!
  • Striptease for the Stag!
  • Free entry and free mojito at nightclub Mokai

Magaluf Palma Stag Fiesta- what else do I need to know?

  • Make sure you’ve got your cameras at the ready for some incriminating and entertaining photos and videos to share!
  • Whatever happens in Palma stays in Palma!
  • For the day after your crew might want something a bit more relaxed…but instead get them on a Beer Bike – your very own rolling pub with beer on tap!

How can I book a Stag Fiesta in Palma?