90 mins class
Private studio
Pro dance teacher
"Tablao" option

Seville Flamenco Class

¡Olé!  Dive into the roots of the Andalusian culture and feel the soul of Spain by taking one of our private Seville flamenco classes. This powerful, hot-blooded dance originates from this beautiful region, so surely a visit to Seville would not be complete without a lesson in one of its most spirited artistic expressions?

Your Seville flamenco teacher will take your group through the main steps and movements of this dance as passionate as it is magical. This is a perfect and most importantly really fun activity for all groups visiting the stunning city of Seville.

The setting for Seville Flamenco is entertaining, relaxed and informal.

And don’t worry, none of your group will feel lost or like they have two left feet! You will appreciate and understand the fiery passion of this dance with its ancient roots in Spain’s vibrant culture with the help of your friendly, professional dance instructor. You will learn the slammed arm movements and the poses that declare strength and intensity and practice the claque sounds with your hands.

Seville FlamencoSeville Flamenco SEVILLANASSeville Flamenco GIRLS

You’ll get your blood flowing and your heart racing with Spanish emotion, to be cooled afterwards with lots of ice cold sangria! So get into your flowing skirts, slip your low heeled shoes on, get those arms waving about and strut your stuff Seville Flamenco style!

It’s a shoe-in! Footwear tips for your Seville Flamenco Class

To make the most of your class and avoid hurting your feet, we recommend wearing appropriate footwear. Below are some tips from our experts in flamenco:

AVOID HIGH HEELS, PARTICULARLY STILLETOES! Not only do they limit you in your movements, but they can also can be dangerous!

IDEAL: SMALL/LOW HEELED SHOES – they will support your ankles better but will still be great fun to stomp and twist!

réservation flamenco sévillestudio de danse flamenco sévilleflamenco séville evjf

Seville Flamenco –  typical Schedule:

  • All vouchers and details will be sent to you in good time before you arrive at your location
  • 15:40: Arrive at the Flamenco dance studio.
  • 16:00: Start of current Flamenco.
  • 17:30: End of the class. Now you are ready to go dancing in one of the taverns in town!
  • Be real Sevillanas  – ask us about authentic “tablaos” where you can practice the moves at night.

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